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Fujifilm Monochrome Camera Coming?

A few hrs ago I received notice that Fujifilm has a monochrome camera coming from a DPR Forum post and I am trying to verify it, but haven’t had luck yet. I have heard of Fujifilm toying with the idea and I have joked around with people at Fujifilm and Leica that it won’t be […]

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FastrawViewer Monochrome2DNG 0.8 Released For Monochrome Converted Cameras

FastrawViewer released Monochrome2DNG 0.8 for processing RAW files from monochrome converted cameras like the ones made by maxmax that offers pre-converted Fujifilm X-Pro1 and X100S cameras. This software creates a true monochrome RAW file from the color raw file. It takes input files from cameras that have been converted to monochrome. It then saves it as “truly” monochrome DNG […]

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Fujifilm ACROS vs. Monochrome vs. VSCO B5 & Instax Monochrome

image courtesy of keenanrivals Fujifilm ACROS is beloved by many, but how does it compare to Fujifilm Monochrome and VSCO B5? Keenan Rivals put together a great comparison of the three popular B&W digital film types for you to decided. I love ACROS, but after looking at Keenan’s post I think I am going to give VSCO […]

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