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BCN: Fujifilm Moves Back Into 2nd Place in Japan

Fujifilm has moved back into 2nd place in Japan thanks to the instax mini Evo. Once again Fujifilm’s ability to provide a unique classic analog user experience has helped it to sell a record amount of cameras. The share of Fujifilm ‘s sales volume manufacturers in the digital camera market (combined compact digital cameras, single-lens […]

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Fujifilm X Summit May 2022: Fifth Generation X-Mount, Fujifilm X-H2, GFX, and More

Fujifilm just announced X Summit May 2022 in their 10 years of X-Mount video which you can view below. At the end of the video, they talk about the X Summit in May and how it will be used to launch the fifth series of X-mount cameras which will start with the Fujifilm X-H2. The […]

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Last Chance to Submit Your “GFX Challenge” Global Grant Program Proposal!

Today is your last chance to submit a proposal to the Fujifilm GFX global grant program which we first reported about here. Fujifilm sent out multiple emails today reminding and asking for photographers to submit their proposals so they may not have many applications to go through yet so get your proposals in and good […]

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Fujifilm Support and Show Room Holiday Schedule

“Product / service inquiries” “Repair service” window About the support service system during the year-end and New Year holidays Thank you for your continued patronage of FUJIFILM products. The support service system of our “Product / Service Inquiries” and “Repair Service” counters during the year-end and New Year holidays is as follows. We apologize for […]

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B&H Photo List GFX50R and XT30 as Discontinued: Still Some Around Though

The Fujifilm GFX50R has been the cheapest way to get into the GFX system for a while now and Fujifilm has been closing them out this holiday season. There are still some available on Amazon and Moment. There arent many of GFX50R left out there so grab them while you can. Amazon and Moment only […]

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B&H Photo Top 10 Cameras of 2021

2021 is coming to a close and B&H Photo has released their best of 2021 list and Fujifilm took home 2 spots which tie’s Nikon with 2 and beats Panasonic/Sigma/Canon with one each. The only company to get more spots was Sony with 3. 6. FUJIFILM GFX 50S II Accessible and medium format are no […]

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