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Godox V1 Discounted

The Godox V1 is currently discounted at B&H Photo / Amazon. There is also a Godox V1 bundle discounted at B&H Photo that includes Diffuser Dome, Snoot, Gel Set, Honeycomb Grid, Four-Way Barndoor Set, Wide Lens, and Bounce Card with Frame. Follow Fujiaddict on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube Plus our owners’ groups Fujifilm GFX Owners Group Fujifilm X-H […]

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Jinbei TR-Q7 Multi Brand Canon/Nikon/Sony/Fuji/Panasonic/Olympus TTL Trigger

Jinbei released a multi-brand trigger last year, that was missed, which supports Fujifilm cameras the Jinbei TR-Q7, which you can now find on Amazon. This is a very interesting trigger that even allows photographers to mix and match lights and triggers, but there doesn’t seem to be a lot of guidance about how to get […]

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Profoto A1X for Fujifilm Released

Profoto has largely supported Fujifilm with their Air Remote until now. Today Profoto announced the Profoto A1X for Fujifilm cameras which they like to call their smallest most portable studio light. The Profoto A1X for Fujifilm is currently only available at B&H Photo as a stand-alone light or kit that is coming soon that will […]

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Godox V1 Firmware V1.1 Update Released

Godox released firmware v1.1 for the Godox V1 for Fujifilm. You can download the update here. To improve the heat protection system To adjust the control methods of LED To solve the problem that the FEC value will be double when the camera flash is attached on the camera Follow Fujiaddict on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube Godox V1: B&H […]

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Godox RF1/R1 Announced to Compete With Profoto C1/C1+

Interestingly Godox is copying the Profoto C1/C1+ with the Godox R1/RF1 again after the whole Profoto A1/Godox V1 situation. They are even copying the trigger differentiation that Profoto started with their recently announced C1/C1+. UPDATE: Apparently Godox teased their product the day before the Profoto announcement, but they did not release any real details, beyond […]

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NEW Profoto C1+ and Profoto B2 Location Kit is 50+% Off

The Profoto B2 Location Kit has been substantially discounted and it’s probably to bring the kit inline with their Profoto C1+ announcement, which is being advertised as for smartphones but works with the Profoto Air Remote. I think they are worried that photographers will load up the new Profoto C1+  lights instead of buying the […]

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