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Capturing The Milky Way

Saturday night, I drove over 100 miles into the heart of the Everglades to get away from light pollution and attempt shooting the Milky Way for the first time after years of considering the possibilities. I learned some valuable lessons from my attempt that are worth sharing, since many of the articles I have read […]

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Zack Arias, FocalChange and FujiFilm Are Working Together to Help Children in Morocco

Zack Arias, FocalChange and Fujifilm are working together to help Morocco’s Center for Development establish a sustainable school bus system in Morocco’s High Atlas Mountains. You can read more about the project here. Update: It looks like the promo video was pulled for some reason… https://twitter.com/Fuji_Addict/status/723199107720830976 Update 2: They didn’t tell us why, but they uploaded a […]

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Really Right Stuff X-Pro 2 Camera Plates: Now Shipping

The Really Right Stuff plates for the Fujifilm X-Pro 2 that became available for preorder in March have begun shipping and the page has been updated with pictures and specifications about the plate designs.

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Really Right Stuff X-Pro 2 Camera Plates

The Really Right Stuff has two Fujifilm X-Pro 2 camera plates available for preorder. I wish they had some product photos for us to share of their regular plate and l-plate. Their plates look well designed if you are in the market for one their site is worth a look.

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iFixit: Fujifilm Disassembly Guides

image courtesy of iFixit iFixit has some detailed teardowns of past and current Fujifilm cameras. At this time they have directions for disassembling the Fujifilm X100T, Fujifilm X-M1, and Fujifilm X30. Surprisingly Fuji cameras can largely be disassembled with tools, most people already have in their tool kit at home. The two teardowns I would like to see […]

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