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Fujifilm Instax SQUARE SQ10 Firmware 2.0

Instax SQ10 firmware update 2.0 makes an already fun camera better. The features are below. Ver2.0 (1) Add the “Part color” function (2) Shorten the time from the start of autofocus to shooting (approx.30% faster). (3) Edited images (such as Photoshop) can also be printed from ver. 2.0. (4) Automatically switch from playback screen image […]

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Fujifilm Files Against Polaroid, Because Polaroid Can’t Claim Trademark on Photo Borders

Polaroid must be getting desperate because Fujifilm felt the need to file against PLR IP Holding, LLC in New York Federal Court, Monday, November 13rd (Case Number 1:17-cv-08796). Fujifilm alleges that “the company is lobbing insincere trademark and trade dress infringement claims over its white film border as a last-ditch effort to profit from its intellectual […]

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Fujifilm Instax Share SP-3 Review Roundup

Fujifilm Instax is a big seller for the company and the square format represents a bit of a compromise between the instax mini and wide format, which pleases a lot of photographers. In some ways, the format seems like a conservative move to test for a potential wide printer in the future, but the app associated […]

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Fujifilm instax Wide Monochrome Instant Film Now Available at B&H Photo and Adorama

It took awhile since the original leaked announcement, but Fujifilm instax Wide Monochrome ship soon from B&H Photo and Adorama, with Amazon to follow. I am very happy to see instax Wide getting some attention from Fujifilm lately, but I can’t wait for a wide printer or a more perfect professional hybrid camera to immerse than […]

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Instax Square Marketing Videos released For instax SHARE Printer SP-3 and instax SQ10

Fujifilm released some new Instax Square marketing material the other day that includes a 60-second and 30-second advertisement showing off the instax SHARE Printer SP-3 and instax SQ10, in addition to a product movie for the SP-3. It will be interesting to see where these videos show up. I am looking forward to receiving my printer, but I really can’t […]

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instax Share SP-3 Coverage With The Fuji Guys

The Instax Share SP-3 looks like a big improvement over the SP-2, which was limited by its small format. The use of Instax Square format film in the SP-3 makes it a very attractive alternative to the SQ10, which was basically a digital point and shoot camera and printer in one.  The separation of the printer […]

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