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SmallRig L-Bracket for Fujifilm X-H1

Small Rig announced an L-Bracket for the Fujifilm X-H1 that looks to be a bargain. You can find the bracket on their website and it should be on Amazon soon too. They also make a nice camera cage for the Fujifilm X-H1 that lets you swap the battery easily, which you can find on Amazon. SmallRig […]

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Meike MK-XA5G Aluminum Alloy Hand Grip Quick Release Plate L Bracket for Fujifilm X-A5 For X-A3

The Meike MK-XA5G for the Fujifilm X-A5/X-A3 is coming to AmazonUS soon and is currently listed on AmazonUK. The grip has some very useful features and it looks like it is built very well for photographers looking for a little more grip on their Fujifilm X-A5/X-A3. MK-XA5G metal grip is suitable perfect for fujifilm X-A5 camera […]

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Fringer Firmware V2.30 Released

As we planned, V2.30 firmware has been released for Fringer EF/FX smart adapters. Improvements integrated in V2.30 include: Bug fixed: For some zoom lenses, when working at certain focal length, AF may repeatedly fail to acquire focus point. Bug fixed: Due to some minor differences of the mount protocol processing between the lens and the […]

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Official Elinchrom Skyport EL on Fujifilm X-T2 Photo

The Elinchrom Skyport EL with Fujifilm support was officially announced about a month ago, but there have always been pictures of the Elinchrom Skyport EL on Fujifilm cameras, you can even find one at the bottom of this page on a Fujifilm X10. The above photo is the current official one by Elinchrom. I received some emails about recent photos of […]

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Shoten (Techart) EF-FG 01 Firmware Update 2.0.1

The Shoten EF-FG01 just received a firmware update to 2.0.1 and you can download it here. The Shorten EF-FG01 is basically just a generic Techart EF-FG01. Improvements Corresponds to “35 mm format mode” setting Initialization of TechartEF-GFX adapter The firmware v2.0.1 requires initialization at first connection. The camera has to save the parameters of your lens in […]

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Cactus RQ250 TTL Wireless Monolight Kickstarter

 Cactus has been supporting Fujifilm cameras for a long time now with their Cactus V6 II which can also be used to trigger their new Cactus RQ250 TTL Wireless Monolight. There are still a lot of early bird specials left for this affordable lighting option and if you already own a Cactus V6 II, you might want […]

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