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STC Optical Clip Filters Coming to Fujifilm Soon

STC Optical Clip Filter is expanding their clip-on filter line up to include Fujifilm cameras and more. These filters are popular among photographers that do now want to deal with filter systems or owning multiple sized filters since they sit on the sensor. They are also great for astrophotography. We have an astrophotography addict group […]

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Nissin i600 Overview

Nissin announced the i600 on their international site, but it hasn’t hit the US site yet. The new Nissin i600 is a light affordable flash for mirrorless cameras much like the Nissin i400, but it is geared towards professionals. You can read More below: “Nissin i600 announce now! Photographers always eager to try different types […]

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Godox V1 Officially Available

Godox announced that the Godox V1 TTL Li-ion Round Head Camera Flash is now available, but it looks like the release will be staggered with Canon coming out first followed by Nikon, Sony, Fujifilm, Pentax, and Panasonic. “Godox V1 TTL Li-ion Round Head Camera Flash Canon/ Nikon / Sony Version are now available.More details about […]

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Viltrox EF-GFX AF Adapter Released

Viltrox released a Fujifilm GFX AF adapter a few months ago and no one noticed because there are quite a few Fujifilm GFX and X AF adapters now. Viltrox is offering a lot of value compared to some of the other AF adapters out there, but there isn’t much coverage of Viltrox EF-GFX yet. If […]

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Godox V1 Preorders Start For Affordable Profoto A1 Clone

Adorama has the new Godox V1 available for preorder now on their site as a Flashpoint flash and B&H Photo should have it soon under the Godox name. It looks very similar to Profoto A1 and Profoto is even threatening to sue them for this fact so if you want a Profoto A1 maybe buy […]

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Commlite CM-EF-FX Firmware Update 1.21 Released

Commlite CM-EF-FX Firmware Update Ver.1.21 Released Fix: When using X-H1, X-T3, and X-T30, the blackout phenomenon was corrected and the stability of operation was improved. Operation stability and focus accuracy have been improved for some sigma lenses. Download links: Firmware Update Manual Update File Ver.1.21 CEF2FXV121.fux Download Available: Amazon via stkb

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