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Now a Fujifilm X-A10?

The Fujifilm X-A3 isn’t available yet and it might not be the only new X-A series camera we see this year. These inexpensive X-series cameras are extremely popular  in Asia and it makes sense for Fujifilm to expand their entry level options to attract new users to the system, but I wish the Fujifilm X-A3 would have started shipping before […]

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Fujifilm Files 1-inch Sensor Patent For 100mm F2

Egami is reporting that Fujifilm filed a patent for a 100mm F2 optical design for a 1-inch sensor, but could this be an example of Fujifilm hiding an APS-C lens in the open. Fujifilm doesn’t have a history of working with 1-inch sensors, but they do have a history misstating the sensor size on optical patent […]

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Fujifilm 24mm f1.8 Equivalent

Fujifilm filed a new patent for Fujifilm 16mm F1.8 lens. This is another wide-angle prime lens patent for Fujifilm cameras after the Fujifilm 20mm (equivalent) F1.8 lens. There is also a mention of a 120mm F2 equivalent on egami, but details aren’t included.

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Fujifilm 20mm f1.8 Equivalent?

Our sister site Photorumors found an interesting patent application the other day. It seems Fujifilm might have a Fujinon XF13mm f1.8 or Fujinon XF20mm f1.8 in the works, but the translation is imperfect. Maybe this patent explains the significant savings on the Fujinon XF 14mm F2.8 R. We will let you know when we know.

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