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Fujifilm Glossary Series

Fujifilm released a series of tutorials on their YouTube channel called the Glossary Series. It is full of short video and photography tutorials. So far Fujifilm has released 8 photography videos and 2 videography videos. I expect this series will continue for some time, but it’s good to see they are trying to help new […]

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Fuji Guys: Fujifilm XP140 Top Features

The Fuji Guys released their Fujifilm Finepix XP140 Top Features video. Below is are links to the different sections Fujifilm outlined in their top features list. 0:37 : Advanced SR Auto 1:46 : Face / Eye AF 3:08 : Bluetooth Option 7:22 : Image Stabilisation & Zoom 9:37 : Movie Options 11:18 : Interval Shooting […]

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Saying Goodbye To Lightroom

In the eyes of many photographers, Adobe made a fatal error the other day when they abandoned their standalone edition of Lightroom in favor of an Adobe Creative Cloud based subscription model. The excitement accompanying the launch of Lightroom CC 2018/CC Classic 2018 quickly turned to confusion and anger for a variety of reasons. Of […]

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X-Trans, Bayer, and Film

There has been a lot of discussion about X-Trans and Bayer Sensor layouts since the introduction of X-Trans by Fujifilm in 2012, but it is also worth noting where Fujifilm got its inspiration: Film.

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Instax as A Medium Format Back

Brock Saddler hacked his Instax to be a back for his Bronica ETRS camera and the results are interesting. The details about how he performed this hack are a bit on the light side in his interview with the phoblographer, but you can pick up a Bronica ETRS camera and Instax Mini, to try it yourself. I […]

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Preparing for the Fuji X-Pro 2

When the X-Pro 1 launched I bought all the lenses available for the system, but eventually sold all but the Fujinon XF35 1.4 because it gave me the best performance and focal length for street shooting. that time, there wasn’t a catalog of lenses to dig through, but now Fuji has an excellent selection of […]

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