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Expect More From FPS (Fujifilm Professional Services)

I was one of the first to sign up for Fujifilm Professional Services in America, based on my single digit order number, when they launched and I have been relatively happy with the service, considering its cost. Like others, I hoped it would expand to cover X-series cameras and same day services since it represents […]

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Klinko 2000’s June 15th – 30th at Mouche Gallery

Markus Klinko’s 2000s exhibition at the Mouchegallery that we reported on has opened and he’s doing press surrounding the event right now. Above you can see a video from the opening night of the event. Markus will be giving lectures and demonstrations at the gallery on June 23 and June 30, 2018, for those interested. He was […]

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Fujifilm Festival 2017 Recap, New Fujifilm Apparel, and Community

The Fujifilm Festival sold out and was apparently a success that Fujifilm plans to build on because they launched a new channel FUJIFILM Cameras North America which launched with a festival recap video here. For some reason, Fujifilm has disabled embedding these videos for now. We first covered the announcement of the event here. Hopefully, they will have more […]

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Fujifilm X-E3, Fujinon XF 80 f/2.8 Macro, Fujinon GF 45 f/2.8 Announcements Coming Soon: Updated 4:05 AM

The Official Fujifilm X-E3 announcement will be happening shortly along with the Fujinon XF 80 f/2.8 Macro and Fujinon GF 45 f/2.8. I will update this page as details are released instead of creating additional posts since the road map was already released. So refresh this page frequently. Hopefully, you were able to preorder the […]

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Kipon Officially Announce GFX Helicoid Adapters and FUJIKINA2017 Sponsorship Details

Almost a month ago Fujiaddict reported Kipon’s Helicoid adapters for sale on Adorama, but today Kipon officially announced them along with their sponsorship of FUJIKINA2017, where all of their adapters will be on display. It’s also interesting that Prophoto is sponsoring, maybe we will get an announcement from them. MAMIYA645-GFX Macro with helicoid PENTAX645-GFX Macro with […]

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Fujikina 2017 September 7, 2017

Fujikina 2017 promises to be an exciting event this year with a few potential announcements expected. We already know lenses like the XF80 and GF45 are coming, but there might be more public details about the GFX roadmap, which we reported here. Fujifilm could also reveal X series cameras along with announcing the Fujifilm X-E3. At […]

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