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The Fujifilm X-T4 will start shipping widely very soon so Fujifilm released 9 tutorial videos to get you started. You can view them below along with summaries for each that might be easier for you to follow.

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X-T4 Touch Screen Options

  • There is an icon on the center-left that you can press to cycle between
    • The camera can be set to take a picture when you touch
    • The screen can be set to AF when you touch the screen
    • Finally, the touch screen can be used to move the coal point
  • If you hold display back you can adjust the touch functions
  • If the touch function is off go to menu – wrench icon – last page – touch screen settings – double-tap settings to on and touch function on
  •  There is also EVF Touch Screen Area in this menu that lets you pick the touch area when looking through the EVF or turn it off
  • The touch screen can be used in the playback mode to swipe through images or pinch to zoom or double-tap to jump to 100% and drag your finger around to move around

X-T4 Touch Movie Optimized Control

  • X-T4 has movie optimized controls when movie mode is selected
  • In the menus in on the second page, there is movie optimized controls so that your settings are different between still and movie mode

X-T4 Changing Shutter Speed

  • The top dials change shutter/ISO and lens has the aperture control
  • If you set the shutter speed dial to the T setting and  ISO to C along with Aperture to A  then the controls will be like a DSLR where you can use the front and rear command dial to adjust them. Since the aperture doesn’t have a C position you go into the wrench icon and button and dial settings and make change aperture ring setting from auto to command.
  • If you press the front command dial you can toggle between aperture and ISO then

X-T4 Bracketing Options

  • Select bracketing on the selector wheel and then press the drive button on the front, which you can change.
  • Then the bracketing options can be adjusted.
  • There are a lot of modes here and once you pick what you want half-press the shutter to exit

X-T4 Customizing the Q Menu

  • Press the Q button on the back of the camera to access the Q menu
  • You can touch or use the joystick or the command dial to navigate it
  • To customize it you go into the menu and the wrench icon then to button and dial setting where you will find a quick menu for photos and video that lets you select how many slots you want.
  • You can then customize which settings you want in the slots
  • There is also a setting to make it transparent or black

X-T4 AF Points

  • In menus go to AF/MF where you can select having 425 focusing points or 117 which is quicker to move through for single AF
  • You can resize your focus point by clicking on the joystick and using the command dial
  • You can click the joystick and it will go to the center and if you click the command dial it will go to the default size too
  • As you make the focus point bigger you can have it change your focus mode single point to zone and then finally to wide tracking automatically
  • If you do not want it to auto change modes you can go to menu to AF mode and change All to Single point to make it only cycle single point mode

X-T4 AF on Options

  • The X-T4 has an AF on button
  • If you use AF on you generally do not like shutter AF so disable it go into menu – wrench icon – button – dial setting – shutter AF, which will then let you adjust shutter AF-S and AF-C and turn off shutter button AF
  • AF-C can be customized in the AF/MF section and then AF-C custom settings that give you premade options and customization

X-T4 Custom Profiles

  • Can make custom profiles for stills and video
  • Menu Image quality setting and on the last page select custom setting or edit and save the custom setting
  • When you’re done customizing hit back and save the settings and then select a name, which you can write in with the touch screen
  • To make movie custom settings go into the movie mode and then repeat the above

X-T4 Customizing FN Buttons

  • To customize the foundation buttons you press and hold the display back button
  • This brings up all the functions and where the button is located
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