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Fujifilm Might Continue Producing ACROS Film If They Can Make It Viable

Fujifilm has been discounting their film pretty aggressively throughout the past year, but there might be some hope for Black and White fans. According to itmedia.co.jp Fujifilm is looking into a way to reliably source the materials needed to produce their black and white film after the run on film this year which still continues at B&H Photo / Amazon / Adorama, and […]

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Fujifilm Officially Continues Discontinuing ACROS Film Today

Fujifilm has been slowly discounting film over the past few month here and here. So I hope you guys started stocking up because there is certain to be a rush today with the announcement. You can stock up at B&H Photo / Amazon / Adorama Information on black-and-white film and black-and-white photographic paper sales termination […]

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Fujifilm GFX 50S & Broncolor Bridal Shoot, ACROS Video, and More

The Fujifilm GFX system is an absolute bargain compared to the compitition acording to the majority of independant reviewers, but photographers are still trying to decided if it should be an everday use camera. I use mine for just about everything except telephoto photography, but I am looking into adapting glass so I can do […]

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ACROS Explored

Mirrorlessons has a detailed analysis of everything ACROS has to offer and how it compares to Fuji’s original monochrome simulation. The author covers the built-in color filters, and when it is best to utilize them. He also provides many landscape, and portrait examples, with each simulated color filter in action so you can decide what […]

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Fujifilm X-Pro 2 ACROS Video

I wanted to see how much Fuji improved it’s video so I shot a few videos last night of some local performers at an open mic night with the X-Pro 2 set to full auto. I haven’t made any adjustments to these videos and they were shot using ACROS with varying grain. The only major issue I […]

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