Fujicast Fujifilm X100V, X-T3, X-T4, X-H2, Monochrome, Avigan, COVID-19, and More – With Marketing Manager Andreas Georghiades Again

Manager Andreas Georghiades is back again for a Q&A after his previous two appearances (1, 2). Below you can find a summary of the Q&A.


  • Fujifilm doing their best to lower the price of GFX as you can see with GFX50R
  • X-T4 Black and silver 28th of April with a kit lens end of May in US/UK, but at the mercy of couriers
  • The factory has been open since March
  • They had shortages in Feb
  • X100V heat issues are with like 600 shots or 4k video
  • X100V makes the same heat as X100F, but the thermal dissipation has changed and might add a statement in firmware
  • XH Line is not dead
  • Fujifilm still sees demand for a more rugged/durable camera
  • Image quality doesn’t change if the sensor and processor is the same
  • If you want small and lightweight you go X-T30/X-T100
  • If you want all the bells and whistles X-T4
  • If you want stylish X-Pro3
  • Maybe something like XLR inputs will come to the X-H line
  • Fujifilm’s old lenses could still focus faster
  • If APS-C goes above 32MP then they might have to start refreshing some of their old lenses
  • X-T3 will definitely get more updates, but not sure what the updates will be or when they will come
  • GFX100 is faster than GFX50 because it has PDAF
  • Currently there isn’t a 50/60/70MP medium format sensor with PDAF
  • 100MP is the only medium format option for PDAF
  • Fujifilm is still repairing cameras and they are having their employees distance
  • Fujifilm is getting less demand for service during the outbreak
  • Fujifilm professional services membership gets you expedited service and access to a space in the London house of photography
  • Fujifilm connect was started to reach out to photographers and it just happened to occur during COVID-19
  • No clue what’s going on in Fujifilm’s film division because it is separate from their digital
  • Avigan was sanctioned by the Japanese to help flu and now they are in phase III of the trials for COVID-19 treatment, but from an entirely different division
  • The Fujifilm medical team is busier than ever because they do portable X-rays that are necessary for COVID-19
  • No chance of a monochrome X camera for the 10th anniversary
  • The Japanese do not like to say no
  • Fujifilm also needs to balance the heads up information they give people via the press because the mark 1 lenses might just stop selling
  • The house of photography will open as soon as they can
  • Fujifilm Japan has prioritized their employees and their families during COVID-19

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