Fujifilm X-H2/X-T4/Full Frame and More – During House of Photography Interview With Marketing Manager Andreas Georghiades

The Fujicast celebrated its first anniversary at Fujifilm House of Photography with a podcast that includes Fujifilm’s Marketing Manager Andreas Georghiades. You can listen to the interview below if you have an hour or you can get my notes from the interview below.

General Q&A

  • Asked whether video will replace photos in the future
    • You really have to shoot video with photos when doing weddings because pay has come down and expectations are high
    • You should see some 8k cameras this year that are 32MP that could be used to pick out images for photography, but the mindset is very different so this likely won’t become the norm.
    • Exposure is also very different
  • What is the obsession with APS-C
    • There isn’t an obsession it is the best balance for size, weight, image quality, etc…
    • Fujifilm has GFX which is better
    • Fujifilm doesn’t really like the term “full frame” because it isn’t useful anymore beyond marketing
    • If you want smaller and lighter than a DSLR go X mount if you want high megapixel big sensor performance go GFX
    • Other mirrorless full-frame cameras aren’t that much smaller or lighter than DSLR’s
  • What is the future for mirrorless
    • Fujifilm prefers mirrorless for the size and weight advantages
    • AF speed is always getting better and smarter with mirrorless
    • The UK market sells more mirrorless than DSLRs
    • It’s hard to convert sports like the Olympics because they are invested in very expensive glass, but the technology is there to outperformance DSLRs
  • Fujifilm Professional Services how will it get better and win people over
    • They are struggling to get a pan European agreement
    • UK has had FPS for 3 years now
    • The UK has great service because it has a service center which allows for a 48-72hr turnaround, but the rest of Europe doesn’t have service centers so cameras have to be sent to the UK
    • It’s hard to get turn around time down in Europe at this time but Fujifilm continues to work at it
  • What would make for a good leap going forward for professionals? The question asker would like good GPS data and time in their file.
    • 5G sim cards in cameras for uploading to cloud directly for backup would be nice
    • A Proper flip screen because it is useful for when you’re filming
    • IBIS in X-T body (Which we know is coming)
  • Most memorable shoot
    • A luxurious wedding where the couple constantly complained and the bride refused to cut the cake because it was the wrong shade of pink.
    • Kevin Mullins had an old women die while she was shooting
  • Go Pro now has hyper smooth how hard would this be to put in Fujifilm cameras?
    • This is electronic stabilization which is what the X-T200 uses now
    • It’s unlikely digital stabilization could be added via firmware update
  • Do you feel the need to leave your geographical area to take photos?
    • Some think the hardest thing is to photograph your home town for a personal project
    • You don’t have to go far to make an interesting story
  • Will Fujifilm add more simulations to copy more popular film stocks like Portra or Fuji 400H
    • For legal reasons they can’t do the third party films
    • Classic Neg was going to be more Reala based but it ended up being more Superia from 70’s/80’s
    • Engineers are always being challenged to do more, but it is really up to them
  • Fujifilm X-T3  firmware update for Classic Neg?
    • Do not know if it is going to come
    • Historically Fujifilm has been good about adding features
    • The firmware team is pretty small and maybe they will get around to adding Classic Neg, multishot, bracketing, etc.. during a lul in work, but right now they are focused on new things
    • He doesn’t know if it is or isn’t happening one way or another
    • They have a very flat structure, which gives them a lot of access
    • You can always follow the rumor sites
  • When asked about X-H2 being canceled for X-T4
    • Prepared and rehearsed answer “The problem with talking about rumors is like talking about your next ex-wife, you’re currently with someone so just enjoy being with that person and do not talk about the future.”
  • Lots of deals at the moment should I wait
    • If you’re taking stills get an X-T3, but if you want video with a smaller kit get the X-H1
    • 4 is an unlucky number in Asia so why are they calling it X-T4

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