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Fujifilm X-H1: Built Fujifilm Tough and New Fuji X-H1 Videos

After receiving the previous image I found out that it is part of a new series of blog posts Fujifilm is starting to explain what makes the Fujifilm X-H1 special that is starting with “X-H1 Development Story #1 -Frame Pt.1.” The frame is 125% thicker for X-H1, meaning that the frame has almost doubled in volume […]

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Fujifilm X-H1 With XF200F2 Coming Soon!

The release of the Fujinon XF 200 f/2 is getting closer with this teaser from Fujifilm slipping out, showing what it looks like mounted on the Fujifilm X-H1. The Fuji X-H1 and XF200F2 look like they will go together very well and the IBIS system will certainly help while shooting sports or wildlife. Below is what […]

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Fujinon XF 200m f/2 Will Cost Between $4900-5000 and Use a New Teleconverter Plus GFX Lens Update

Photo courtesy of DC.Watch My source for the FujiAddict timeline and GFX lens roadmap touched base today with an update for the GFX roadmap and some details about the Fujinon XF200 f/2 lens that is coming. They usually touch base when other sites publish incorrect information so let’s hope they keep making mistakes about things like pricing […]

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