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Fujifilm Registers Camera Similar in Size to Fujifilm X70, Might be Fujifilm X80/XF10

Nokishita released details of a new camera registered by Fujifilm that is probably the replacement for the x70. We have an X80 on our timeline that might be called the XF10 that is due out this year. It’s been expected for some time without a lot of details beyond it will likely have a bayer sensor thanks to […]

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FujiAddict Rumor Timeline Roundup: Fujifilm X-H1, X-F10, X-F100, X-T3, GFX 50R, and GFX 100S

The past few days have been crazy for breaking rumors and FujiAddict sources really knocked it out of the park. So I have been asked to condense the release dates into an easy to read timeline with details, but hey when’s the last time 6 cameras leaked with tons of details in 3 posts anywhere, but […]

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