Fake Rumors

It has come to my attention that there is a site out there that will remain nameless (simply because they scrub my name from the record) that continues to misinterpret my Fujifilm X-H1 and GFX Rumors (1, 2). This site has taken a number of my exclusive rumors and run with them, that turned out to be 100% accurate from the same source that gave me the X-H1 and GFX rumors, like the XF80 rumor here. The site openly criticizing my rumors is simply old and trying to hang onto their audience by flinging mud and parting out my rumors to improve their search engine optimization so the original rumors are harder to find so they can post more clickbait, which is something I do not do here because it is wasteful.

I am more than available right here if readers want to talk about what I think my source means by the text that I have made available for you to read. Further, I don’t go back and edit my posts to appear more accurate than I am unlike other sites and when I make a material edit I leave the original text. The above XF80 edit was made a few minutes after I posted it because my source contacted me about the typo in the E-mail. I leave errors on my site unlike others that scrub the record, but I am not going to waste any more time on this topic. There are a variety of reasons that different sites could receive very different leaks, but let’s hope none of them are actually happening.

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  • this has been going on for a long time…

    • Ron Fresno

      I am new here. What the hell are you guys talking about: FujiRumors?

      • Yes… I was just having some fun with Patrick because he has taken numerous rumors from me now and tried to put his own spin on them without citing me. These about two hours after posting them and then he turned it into about 8 posts, which is kind of obnoxious. I wouldn’t have said anything if he didn’t insult my source the way he did, to make more clickbait but whatever. Generally speaking, I ignore him since he sent me a threatening letter on launch day, but I felt like responding since it was brought to my attention the moment he posted it and he keeps removing posts bring up his behavior. Go ahead and try to mention my site on his and see what happens…

      • Isn’t it funny how all those rumors started right after Louis posted the info in two different blog posts over the weekend? This ain’t a coincidence, I can assure you. This has been going on for a very long time. The last time I confronted Patrick and asked him why he is copying stuff from my websites, his response was, and I quote “you are really making a big thing out of nothing”.

  • Robert K.

    You know, the “Original” is called Fujirumors and Patrick made a good job a long time before you started. In my opinion your “diss battle” is the only clickbaiting in the moment.

    • Oh responding to him doesn’t generate traffic at all… but try mentioning any one of the dozen or so rumors he’s taken from me over the past year on his site will simply get you banned. So I gave people a place where they could speak openly. Look his site’s been mentioned twice now.

      This isn’t a rumor site. I write about a more than rumors here, but the minute I post one he copies it word for word and and claims ownership without linking back. Nokishita and the other Japanese sites seem to be the only ones he feels comfortable citing. If I were trying to compete with him as a rumors site I would have posted my X-H1 and GFX rumors 15 times by now to improve SEO and get traffic up. I got my bump and now I’m moving into a few other content based articles.

    • Talking about timeframe, I started my rumors websites way before fujirumors. I reported Fuji rumors before fujirumors even existed. So, does this change anything? This discussion is obviously not about who started their blog first. Fujiaddict is continuing to grow because people strat reliaizing that you can go only so far with clickbait coverage and writing stories about gear you have never even touched. You don’t have to listen to me, just read some of the comments on fujirumors before they get deleted and banned and you will see what others have to say about it. I also have a lot more to say on that topic and I will one day when the time is right.