ONE MORE THING! Additional Fujifilm GFX 50R and Fujifilm GFX 100S Information Plus Roadmap Update!

The conversation with my source earlier didn’t end with my post and I wanted to get breaking information out to readers ASAP, because others have been copying my leaks and claiming ownership of them, sometimes within minutes of posting them. So now I can confirm a few things. The GFX R will be 50MP in 2018 and it will be followed by the GFX 100S in 2019/2020. The Fujifilm GFX 100S will be “expensive”, but this probably means it will retain the $6,499 price point of the previous camera, while the 50MP cameras will have a lower price point. I very much believe that Fujifilm plans to use the GFX to knock out high-end full frame cameras, which can be seen by the lens roadmap.

The lens roadmap that I reported a few months ago should start being announced after the 250mm begins shipping starting with the 80-180mm lens. Beyond the roadmap, the release schedule is unclear, but Fujifilm intends to release 25-30 GFX lenses within the next 5 years, which is incredible! The only reason to release this many lenses at this pace is if they expect their medium format system to perform more like a tradition camera system, similar to the X-system.

I included a few quotes from our conversation below for you to interpret.

GFX R ( I liked the name) will have 50 MP sensor. I can not give a date

after  announcement and shipping of GFX 50R , GFX 100s may come at 2019 the price will be very expensive (When I get clear information, I’ll write)

after GFX 250 mm lens, fujifilm will announce telephoto GFX lens and probably will be 80-180mm ( I wrote before)

there is no modification about GFX lens road map as I wrote before, announcement date of them is unclear. I think, They announce one by one until the end of the 2018. ( Their target is to have 25-30 GFX Lenses within 5 years)

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  • raziel28

    It is always nice to see Fuji in a medium format. They used to be a synonym for MF cameras back in the film days…
    GX680 is still a beast.
    Speaking about new MILC MF, actual 50mp model is more than enough for the majority. Maybe they should improve af and that’s it…

  • Richard Grainger

    This is exciting to say the least. It would be a godsend if Fuji would include a few leaf shutter lenses in their roadmap. Not many, but a few new leaf shutter lenses would garner a lot of serious consideration from on location portrait and upper end wedding photographers. Just my humble opinion.

    • I would love to see a leaf option, but I it’s not on any of my roadmaps yet…

      • Richard Grainger

        Louis, any idea on who I could send a heartfelt letter to express my (and many others’) desire for a leaf shutter option? Also, thank you for your diligent work.

        • Not really, but their FPS team can be pretty talkative. Almost everyone I have talked with at Fujifilm is very friendly, but sending E-mails to them has gotten me nowhere. It seems picking up the phone and calling around gets you far with Fujifilm.