Let the Fujifilm GFX 50S vs Sony a7RIII Comparison Begin

So this happened… I bought a Sony a7RIII because unlike other sites we use what we write about and even though this is a Fujifilm fan sight I am not a fanboy as you can tell from my Fujifilm GFX 50S review. I shoot a lot of gear and I like owning flagship cameras to compare across brands because memory is only so good and it switching things up. Of course it would be even better if I didn’t have to buy/sell/trade my old gear to stay on top of the latest and greatest, but we will get there someday as the sights continue to grow, but for now ill give you a first look at how they compare size wise and if you have any interest in Sony check out my coverage on SonyAddict, which will be a little different.

One of the best things about working very closely with our sister sites is that I also have access to gear like the Nikon D850 so we are going to get a very good look at how that camera compares to the Fujifilm GFX 50S and Sony a7RIII too and these cameras will remain in our available equipment for a long time to come. You will also find coverage of these cameras on Nikonrumors so check them out if you want a Nikon spin, but I don’t write over there since it’s outside my expertise.

Also, I have to thank B&H Photo for helping to empty out my bank account everytime this site fills it up, because they always have great customer service and are great to work with. If you decide to order a Fujifilm GFX 50S, Sony a7RIII or Nikon D850 at any time use one of our B&H affiliate links to help support the site and I will greatly appreciate the support. They are a great retailer to work with and I haven’t run into a snag with them yet beyond the holiday closures, but everyone deserves a break and B&H has had some great deals this holiday season.

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  • I see a big comparison between the D850, a7r3 and the GFX coming in the future.

    • You might be a Fujifilm or Sony shooter yet 🙂

    • akkual

      I have used all three. D850 for shooting everything – to me it is the only one of these, which really can do everything, not necessarily the best, but it will do it. GFX for anything that sits still’ish (it is by far the best for such, landscapes, architecture, humans, products etc.). Sony for those who need excellent video – almost as versatile as Nikon, but you just can’t beat the OVF in versatility. IQ wise they are almost the same, with most significant difference being different aspect ratio and slight advantage in high ISO for GFX – and in general, the lenses for GFX are almost perfect, although a little bit dimmer, but by far better with respective DOFs to most Nikon or Sony lenses. And for most, go with D7500/D750 or X-T2/XPro-2, they will be well enough for you.

      • I have an X-T2 and I still get the GFX over it 99% of the time. I only have issue when I need to track. Anything you can shoot AF-S you can shoot with a GFX.

        • akkual

          I completely understand this. The files GFX creates are just something different and it has that weird calming factor that makes you think more about the photograph you are about to take than the gear you taking it with – as long as you do not try to track that squirrel running around your yard. I am considering swapping my Nikons to one, but I still haven’t found the confidence to do so (IDK, I am just frightened that I’ll make expensive mistake :D).

          • I believe you can get the shot with whatever you spend time practicing with, but I am used to nailing difficult shots with a rangefinder and walking around horrible neighborhoods with them too, so I don’t really worry about missing a shot if I’m well practiced or being robbed since people tend to avoid people my size. No matter I can respect that. Lots of people wonder how I can carry around so much expensive equipment all the time, but you only live once. I just can’t bear to lose the image quality.

            For me comparing the three will be interesting, because so far I really haven’t liked the feel of the D850, but I like Nikons menus better than Sony and the Fujifilm is kind of the gold standard, but ill deal with inconvenience for IQ. Like I said on SonyAddict I have zero intention of getting ride of the camera so this is going to be long term, which way do I lean. I have to shoot some photos today and ill be bringing the GFX and a7RIII with me, but when will I get tired of packing both every time and which will stay home etc… I have nice glass for both systems so it’s not like I have to completely invest in a new system and @NikonRumors:disqus has nice glass for the D850.

            This is how you get an honest opinion about a camera IMO. Too many photographers out there are afraid to say their 10-20k kit has been beaten by something half the price or to jump systems. Regardless ill keep writing about everything I write about.