Fujifilm France Manager Interview: GFX, Instax, X100, AI, Third Party Lenses, and More

Phototrend interviewed Frank Bernard, director of the photo division at Fujifilm France about the company’s strategies and ambitions. You can check out bullet points from the translated interview below:

  • Fujifilm is well-positioned for digital and analog snapshot photography
  • GFX100 II and the tilt-shift lenses have been well-received and so were the X-H2, X-H2S, X-S20, and X-T5
  • It’s good the Fujifilm AF can now meet the needs of sports professionals even on the GFX100 II
  • GFX100 II is capable of performing all professional video needs
  • X-H2S is gaining market share but it will need time
  • Fujifilm wants to surround full frame cameras with their APS-C and Medium Format GFX offerings
  • There were other companies making medium format cameras, but the GFX surprised them and consumed the small medium format market and now it is slowly growing that same market
  • Fujifilm will exploit the niche of medium format cameras as much as they can because they believe large sensors should be an alternative to full frame for professionals
  • In France, Fujifilm is on top of the hybrid market they are targeting with 26% of the market over the last 12 months and they consider their flagship camera to be the X-T5 followed by the X-T30II, and X-S20
  • Fujifilm thinks smartphones can be used to accelerate demand for stand-alone cameras even though the collapse of the compact market due to cell phone cameras hurt them
  • Fujifilm isn’t sure that the Instax Pal will catch on, but we will see around the holiday shopping season
  • Fujifilm is a leader in snapshots and portable printers thanks to Instax with Instax Mini 12 being their top camera today
  • The Instax Mini Evo comes in 3rd for the snapshot market
  • X100V demand remains very strong and they aren’t ready to talk about another camera at this time
  • Fujifilm didn’t see the X100V demand coming so it was disruptive, but welcome of course
  • The interview makes it sound like the demand for the X100V has delayed the release of a new camera since the X100V is now 3 years old and Fujifilm has faster refresh cycles typically.
  • Fujifilm is open to rethinking the entry-level market, but if demand is low they will stop production of cameras like the X-T200 and X-E4
  • Fujifilm has been headed toward the high-end market for 5 years now and it is not likely they will return to entry-level products
  • There should be a successor to the X-T30 though
  • One way they can support the entry-level camera market is by producing older cameras at lower prices
  • The Full-frame 36×24 market is the product of marketing and it is greatly overrated
  • Fujifilm doesn’t oppose or push third-party optics and they believe they make the best lenses for their cameras, but they are neutral to third parties what matters is that photographers are happy
  • Doesnt know much about how AI will be used in Fujifilm cameras, but wouldn’t be surprised if it was.

Fujifilm GFX100II:
B&H Photo / Amazon / Moment / Adorama
Fujinon GF55mm f/1.7
B&H Photo / Amazon / Moment  / Adorama
Fujinon GF110mm f/5.6 Tilt Shift
B&H Photo / Amazon / Moment / Adorama
Fujinon GF30mm f/5.6 Tilt Shift
B&H Photo / Amazon / Moment / Adorama

B&H Photo / Amazon / Moment /  Adorama

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