Map Camera Fujifilm Interview About X Mount Development and GFX

Map Camera interviewed Mr. Takashi Ueno on Youtube, and the google translation of the video is a mess, so we have to go on what DC.Life posted about the “interesting parts” of the interview, which is also translated. You can see the untranslated text here and the translated DC.Life text below:

“X-T1” is a camera made by betting on the future of Fujifilm

Speaking of the first camera, the “X-Pro1” is impressive, but if you say one of them, it’s the “X-T1”. After releasing the “X-Pro1”, we released the “X-E1”, “X-A1”, and “X-M1”. The X-T1 was the camera that everyone worked together as one.

In that sense, the X-T1 was a camera that was made with the future of Fujifilm’s X mount at stake. Thanks to all of you, the “X-T1” has been very well received and sales have been strong, so we are where we are today. Without the X-T1, this interview might not have happened (laughs). That’s how much the X-T1 left an impression on me.

I deliberately didn’t choose full-frame

Around the time the X-T1 was released, the number of professionals and advanced amateurs using the X gradually increased, and the number of interchangeable lenses exceeded 10, making the system much more complete. Naturally, we received many requests for better image quality and larger image sensors.

Even the new APS-C format was a big challenge, but how do you get two mounts in less than five years after starting the X mount? When it comes to that, there are pros and cons within the company, and even if we deploy two mounts, our development resources will not be doubled, so resources will be halved and the (development) pace of the X series will slow down. ? Or is that going to be a minus? There were various opinions. What to do with the user’s request coming.

Up to a certain level, “X” can handle it, but beyond that, I have to say that you should use another company’s camera. This is not good for customers who say they like the color of Fujifilm or like the concept. After all, in order to meet this need, we thought that we should launch the next line, and as a result, it led to “GFX”.

At that time, there was a long discussion whether to do “full size” or “large format”.

As a film maker, we probably know more than anyone else about the appeal and versatility of 35mm film. However, I didn’t choose to go there. Since it is digital, there is no need to drag the concept of film. Based on the idea that there is no need to drag the concept of film even though it is a film maker, even with a format that is slightly smaller than that, the image quality that surpasses the 35mm film up to that point, and in the extreme, can surpass even the brownie film that is above it. I think that the current “X” standard was chosen because of the prospect of achieving , and the technical prospects being seen, which is why the best format for digital.

X-mount 10th Anniversary Message from Mr. Ueno

Thank you for your patronage and patronage of the X series for 10 years. It’s been 10 years since the launch of the X mount, and I’ve been in charge of product planning. I was able to tell you. I am very grateful.

The X series will continue to evolve. All camera products are the same, but the functions of cameras today are completely different from what they were 10 years ago, and I think the expectations people have for cameras are changing rapidly.

On the other hand, I don’t think it’s a good thing to stay the same without changing, and I want to keep the basics in mind, but I want to evolve by properly grasping the needs of users. We hope that you will continue to use the X Series to take photos, whether it be in our showrooms or at our events, and keep communicating with us. I look forward to working with you for the next 10 years. Come thank you.

Fujifilm X-H2S:
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Fujinon XF18-120mm f/4.0 LM PZ WR:
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Fujinon XF150-600mm f/5.6-8 R WR:
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