Fujilove Podcast With Billy Luong From The Fuji Guys: GFX100, Fujikina 2019 Tokyo, Dual IS, All GF Lenses Work Well At 100MP and More

Fuji Love’s third interview with Billy Luong was posted and it’s just over an hr long. If you have the time you can listen to the podcast on FujiloveiTunes, and Stitcher. You can find our coverage from the first podcast here and the second podcast here. If you do not have an hr to burn the excerpts covering the whole podcast are below:

  • Intro
    • Fujifilm’s lenses were designed for this 100MP sensor
    • Fujikina had a limited edition GFX100 pin
    • Billy likes how the GFX logo was hidden in the Fujikina logo
    • Fujifilm has pins at all of their events, but they are very limited
    • They had a special pin for the 5 years anniversary which is the last he got
    • The GFX system is now a complete line up wise as a camera system that can replace a DSLR
    • GFX100 brings all the latest technology into the medium format realm
    • Others have asked for Still/Video preset profiles for Aperture/Shutter/ISO desireable, but right now they can only do image adjustments per
    • Movie silent control can be used to isolate settings on X-T3
    • Fujifilm dev team is aware of Still/Video preset profiles being desirable so maybe it will happen given the time and resources to add it later
    • Will a camera like the X100 have stabilization in the future for video via firmware update? Billy says absolutely… then back peddles and says that X100 wasn’t really meant for video and if you want a camera that does everything cameras like the X-T3 are designed to be great at a lot of things.
    • X100 and X-Pro are designed more for photography
    • XF10 is quite nice and lightweight as a camera that should go with you all the time so there was a discussion of digital IS being added to the camera
    • Anything is possible if the hardware doesn’t prevent the implementation
    • Resource limitation can also come into play for launch feature sets and digital IS is nice to have, but it hasn’t become widely available on X series yet
    • If Fujifilm has a feature already it’s much easier to implement across their lineup
  • GFX100
    • Exciting launch and lot of people were invited to see the GFX100 being assembled
    • End of June beginning of July is when they will start shipping in volume
    • In the digital world basing our terminology on 35mm is kind of nonsense and Fujifilm is trying to combat that with their terminology related to the GFX
    • If the industry moves to larger than 35mm sensors what kind of terminology will we use then?
    • GFX is slightly smaller than medium format film discussions, but that is legacy technology
    • Fujifilm thinks that large format is the correct terminology to use because it’s more accurate in the digital world
    • Medium format/large format film isn’t very high resolution compared to GFX so it kind of makes sense comparison wise
    • Fujifilm is going to also promote the diagonal of 55mm now
    • GFX should have the greatest appeal to anyone that ever dreamt of owning a medium format camera
    • Fujifilm wants to give people the medium format/large format look
    • GFX100 is for the elite of the elites and archival work
    • 50 years from now you will still get the best resolution you can to preserve the history of the earth
    • 100MP is great, but it’s even better with how much effort was put into minimizing shutter shock
    • If you have rented medium format there is no reason you can’t own it now
    • This camera is designed to be functional and not really ascetically pleasing which is why the dials are missing
    • Grip design was helpful in opening up design possibilities
    • GFX100 uses the same processor as the X-T3
    • The AF between the GFX100 and X-T3 should be the same so the only limitation is the AF motors in the lenses
    • GFX100 is 200% faster than GFX50S
    • If they can design faster lenses for GFX is will be as fast as X-T3
    • The processor is future proof in GFX100 and X-T3
    • GFX is more of a working camera and they think this category of customers do not want dials (I want dials)
    • Removing dials gave them the ability to fine-tune selection more
    • The new display panels are sharper than GFX50
    • New EVF is the best out there with 86fps and it’s removable like GFX50S
    • Should buy the fastest SD cards you can get
    • 802.11ag WiFi so first to support 5GHz which can be used to tether
    • Wired connectivity will be better for tethering still though since it does 10 gigabit
    • Billy recommends getting a USB-C battery pack because it charges the camera very fast
    • Capture One Beta already supports GFX100 and tethering is already working
    • Capture One is great for Fujifilm RAW files
    • The dual gain sensor gives better high ISO performance
    • Better dynamic range and sensitivity than X-T3
    • ISO 100 is the base ISO
    • GFX100 and GFX50 are about the same noise wise, but GFX100 will AF in the dark much better
    • Fujifilm had a very low tolerance when designing the IBIS system so they did a lot of isolation to make the whole system work its best
    • GFX100 IBIS very similar to X-H1
    • Billy feels the IBIS is better than X-H1
    • On the video side of things, GFX100 can be used for shooting documentaries
    • The GFX100 isn’t launching with dual IS like X-H1, but Billy says it should in the future so maybe more stops of stabilization
    • Premista lenses adapt fine to GFX100 and almost covers the entire senor its self
    • GFX100 could be a game changer for cinema like the 5D was
    • Excellent for low light video and photos
    • There are already a lot of video features on the camera
    • Highly capable for video and a great camera to leave DSLR for
    • Can have the Arri Alexa look to video
    • No one has this kind of price/performance
  • Lens Corner GF edition
    • GF lenses were started from scratch with the idea that 100MP was coming
    • When they tested the GFX100 with GF lenses for the first time they were quite happy because the lenses were perfectly matched to the 100MP sensor
    • The GF line is ever growing now
    • Macro extension tube can turn the 120mm f/4 Macro into a 1:1
    • Fujifilm will have a wide GF zoom in the future (Maybe GFX 20-40 mm  F/ 4 or 4.5)
    • GF 50mm f/3.5 will come soon for the GFX50R and will make it the lightest medium format ever
    • Focal plane shutter lets you adapt lots of great glass to GFX
    • No compromise in quality with any lens being used on the GFX100
  • Accessory corner
    • Optional grips add functionality
    • Fujifilm Grips accept batteries and act as chargers
    • They often have deals when launching cameras with a grip
  • Tip Corner
    • Eye sensor has a toggle button to switch between LCD on all the time/EVF on all the time/Auto sensor mode/disable both but only put on EVF when eye to eye sensor/eye sensor but LCD on for review display is the latest and Billy recommends it

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