Fujilove Podcast 2 With Billy Luong From The Fuji Guys: Cameras, Lenses, Tips, And More

Fuji Love’s second interview with Billy Luong was posted today and it’s 54 minutes long. If you have the time you can listen to the podcast on Fujilove, iTunes and Stitcher. You can find our coverage from the first podcast here. If you do not have an hr to burn the excerpts covering the whole podcast are below:

  • X-Trans Worms
    • Adobe continues to address the worm effect and their new enhanced detail feature seems to address it according to some YouTube videos Billy has seen
    • File size does become a problem though
    • Fujifilm X RAW and in-camera raw conversion do not cause worms.
    • You can save TIFF files instead of JPEG with Fujifilm’s solution
    • Capture one is also a good option for dealing with worms.
    • They try to work with Adobe to improve the interpretation of X-Trans
  • Landscape photography with the X-T20 do I need to upgrade to X-T30
    • The X-T30 is more responsive than X-T20 and the sensor is now BSI
    • The video is greatly improved
    • Both cameras are comparable for photos
    • Don’t really need to upgrade to the X-T30 for photos unless you want better tracking
    • X-T20 peaked for its max potential so probably won’t see any AF improvements in the future
    • There are deals for the X-T30 now with an f/2 lens
  • Better to buy wider aperture or weather sealed f/2 lenses and video
    • Sometimes you need an f/1.4 like with astrophotography and low light shooting
    • f/1.2 for portate work is going to make your work stand out
    • If you want compact and lightweight get the f/2 lenses
    • The older lenses AF great on the new bodies
    • If you’re shooting video the lens needs to be silent and many of the f/2 lenses are quieter than the faster lenses because they use stepping motors.
    • Not ever lens can use a stepping motor because they do not have the torque needed to move big glass.
    • MKX is for people that want the ultimate cinema performance and they are parfocal
    • MKX offers huge improvements for video sharpness
    • Billy would use f/2 lenses for family and vlogging
  • Why is it difficult to get large aperture lenses in a small fast focusing design
    • Lens designing is challenging and they designed for the use case scenario
    • Autofocus motor options: stepping motors, linear motors, DC coreless motors, ultrasonic type of motors
    • Different types of motors affect speed and size quite a bit in addition to all the glass they have inside
    • Every motor has a pro/con there is no perfect lens motor
    • The motor that’s best for large aperture glass at this time is on the bigger size
    • DC Coreless motor is very torquey and powerful so it moves the elements in the 56mm quickly
    • Stepping motors aren’t torquey but they are consistent
    • The Stepping motors on the f/2 lenses are silent and smooth
    • Linear motors are silent and smooth but need a little more space to fit them
    • Some of their lenses have 4 linear motors, which makes them bigger
    • You can’t get everything at once
  • Fujifilm X-T30
    • All the guts from the X-T3
    • Lots of features for a good price
    • The photo side is almost entirely carried over, but the video isn’t as good as the X-T3
    • X-T30 is the camera to consider in 2019 if you want to improve your pictures
    • Great image quality is there in the X-T3 and X-T30
    • X-T30 is a great backup for the X-T3
  • Fujifilm XP140
    • A very convenient camera like a smartphone but safe to use around dust and water.
    • Great vacation camera
    • 16MP BSI, IBIS, 5x Optical zoom
    • Very rugged
  • Lenses
    • XF16mm f/2.8 falls into the f/2 lineup design – small, fast AF, weather resistant, great image quality, close min focus distance
    • XF16mm f/1.4 is more specialized
    • The f/2 and f/2.8 lenses are best for cameras like the X-T30 to keep the form factor small
  • Tip Corner
    • Movie silent control is a great feature that started appearing on the X-H1
    • Movie silent control is misunderstood
    • The touch controls let you make adjustments silently
    • When movie silent mode is on the controls are completely independent of the dials this lets you have separate video and photo settings.
  • Flip out screens
    • Billy would love to see fully articulated screens in the future and it would be their dream
    • Design concept influences what features go where
    • X-T line might get it in the future, but it’s still just a hope
    • HDMI output lets you have a nice external monitor
    • Adding a front flipping screen to every camera might cause issues with their price points
    • The front-facing screen is less important for vlogging than face/eye AF detection performance
    • X-T30 has great face/eye detection and X-T3 will get an update in April that will greatly improve its AF
    • The new BSI sensor has great rolling shutter control because it has fast readout
  • Accessories and software
    • Threaded shutter allows for mechanical shutter release on many Fujifilm cameras and they are standardized
    • Canon compatible 2.5mm radio trigger is an option
    • Fujifilm RR-100 Remote cable release for wired
    • The Fujifilm Camera Remote App also works well via Bluetooth and it’s a free option that works great
    • Updated App coming around the time of the X-T30 launch March 20

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