5 Fujifilm Low Light Autofocus Recommendations

Reggie Ballesteros put together a video with his recommendations for the best 5 autofocus settings for low light photography situations like weddings and more. Below is a summary of the above video:

  1. Portraits with a large aperture
    • AF-S
    • The smallest AF point possible positioned over the eye of the main subject
    • With practice, you can move the point very quickly with the joystick nub
    • AF-S is faster than AF-C in low light
    • You want to acquire and reacquire AF all the time
  2. Low Light Movement
    • AF-C
    • Use single point with the size adjusted to suit distance
    • Comes with practice
    • If you find it too hard use the 3×3 zone focus
    • Single point is a lot more accurate at tracking
    • Set AF-C to custom setting 2 which is obtain autofocus but ignore obstacles
  3. Low Light Fast Paced Action
    • AF-C
    • Use 3×3 zone and predict where you want to position your subject
    • From there you can move the box around as needed and keep the subject covered by moving the camera and keeping the subject framed how you originally intended
    • The 3×3 zoon should be kept on their head
    • Also, make sure your shutter speed is high enough that you are not getting motion blur so above 1/125th
    • Set AF-C to custom setting 5 which is for tracking eradic movement
    • Stopping down the camera will help too
  4. Tracking a stationary seen with the subject moving across the frame
    • AF-C
    • Use Wide tracking and move the box over to the subject before starting
    • This works well unless the subject is moving quickly
    • Another option is to manually focus where the subject will be and just shoot with the lens locked down
    • Try both ways to make sure you get useable shots
  5. Photographing children
    • AF-C
    • Face eye auto-detect on
    • Switch between AF-S and AF-C as needed because some lenses might be better to use in AF-S
    • Set AF-C to custom setting 5 which is for tracking eradic movement for outdoor play
    • Don’t be afraid to stop down the lens some to get more sharp photos
    • Predictable movements track best but don’t be afraid to experiment

You will get the best results with the latest and greatest gear. Newer bodies have better AF algorithms and  newer lenses have faster motors that are better for tracking.

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