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I personally have never understood people that consider PSAM professional since most of my experience with cameras has been analog and digital cameras that use an exposure triangle like Fujifilm and Leica. In my experience, I only ever came across PSAM on point and shoot cameras and I always hated it with a passion because it wasn’t direct enough, but if you have had the opposite experience pal2tech made a guide for you.

  • Many Fujifilm photographers prefer to use film simulations instead of RAW files
  • There is no PSAM dial so here is how you operate the camera
    • For Auto put the Shutter and ISO on A and the lens on A also to make the camera fully automatic
    • For Aperture priority mode put the Shutter and ISO on A and then set your desired Aperture
    • For Shutter priority mode put the Aperture and ISO on A and then set your desired Shutter
    • For ISO priority put the Aperture and Shutter on A and then set your desired ISO
    • These modes all work with the exposure composition dial
    • For full manual do not use any of the Auto modes
  • Fujifilm has great high ISO so don’t be afraid to use 3,200 ISO or even 6,400 ISO if the shutter speed gets too low
    • It’s great to set your cameras ISO range from 160 to 3,200 ISO and let your camera pick the ISO based on your shutter and aperture settings
    • If you leave minimum shutter speed on AUTO then you might get motion blur so it might be good to limit the shutter speed from falling below 1/125th, which can be helped by 6,400 ISO
  • Fujifilm has great autofocus and manual focus
    • AF-C and AF-S performance are quite good which you can view below which you can view below
    • Full manual focus has a few assist modes and the lenses are focus by wire so it is not mechanical manual focus
    • The manual focus settings are under the AF/MF settings assist menu where focus peaking is probably the best mode to work with and you can assign this function to a button if you like
    • Pressing the rear command dial lets you zoom in for critical focus and you can turn the dial to zoom in even more and to exit just press the command dial again
  • You should customize the buttons on the back and your my menu
    • To customize buttons press and hold the display button until the customize menu comes up, which also gives you access to hidden features like the histogram
    • To customize my menu go into the wrench, user settings, my menu settings and on XT4 the camera has a my menu for video and photos
    • There is also a Q menu but that’s not useful for RAW shooters and it is best for dialing in JPEGs
  • It’s best to make sure you have enough batteries especially with the old Fujifilm NP-W126 batteries, but one new Fujifilm NP-W235 might be enough
    • If you want to get the full performance of your camera leave it in boost mode even though it burns through batteries quickly
  • Fujifilm’s handgrip can be a little small for larger lenses so if you like to shoot large lenses the battery grip might help

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