Fujifilm DPR Interview – Not Just A Camera Company

DPR posted a very lengthy interview with managers from Fujifilm. Below is a summary of the lengthy interview or you can read the full thing here.

  • Fujifilm GFX100S/GFX100/GFX100V?
    • GFX100 is designed for professional photographers because it has an integrated battery grip and professional accessories like the tilting EVF
    • GFX100S is designed for broader appeal including advanced amateurs coming from full-frame
    • GFX100 always included the vertical grip in its design
    • GFX100S was designed to be the size of full-frame cameras
    • Everything in the GFX100S is redesigned
    • The width of the shutter was a key part of keeping the camera smaller and the new battery layout
    • GFX100 was designed for ultimate ruggedness and is able to better withstand external shock
    • No vertical grip for GFX100S because we have GFX100
    • GFX100 users universally love the image quality, but a lot wanted a smaller, lighter body, at a lower price
    • GFX100S was designed for them and DSLR users which is why there is a mode dial too
    • IBIS in future GFX will depend if they can fit it in the body, but it is necessary for 100MP
    • Fujifilm GFX can cover from 23mm to 350mm
    • GF customers want wider prime lenses, tilt/shift, and wide-angle zoom lenses
    • Many landscape photographers want wider focal lengths and architects want tilt/shift so Fujifilm is studying it
    • Fujifilm is still discussing which of those is a priority
    • In the X section, Fujifilm jokes that some want a GFX 100V based on the X100V and yes we do that would be amazing
    • Also from below GFX100 resolves 99% of detail so there is no moiré or false color so no need for X-Trans
  • X-Series/Instax
    • Fujifilm is still missing super-telephoto lenses since their max focal length now is 400mm and they need 500mm, 600mm, etc…
    • Older lenses with slow AF that lack weather resistance also need to be refreshed
    • X100V sales are almost the same as the previous model despite COVID-19, which Fujifilm attributes to an increase in demand for lifestyle-type shooting
    • Fujifilm X-T4 has been a success in the market in almost every way, but some sports photographers want greater AF performance
    • Fujifilm will continue to improve AF via Firmware updates
    • Fujifilm has fast enough motors in the newer lenses, but they need to tweak the AF algorithm because some photographers prefer fast subject acquisition, while others prefer sticky AF
    • X-T4 is designed for photographers first and if you want to chase video shooters then it would be a good idea to change the form factor
    • Fujifilm has done research into better service videographers, but market size is an issue
    • The X-T4 is a compromise for videographers
    • Fujifilm will probably do some computational imaging in the future, but they haven’t decided how to integrate that technology into their cameras best to benefit customers
    • Fujifilm makes Instax and has consumer-level cameras that computational imaging might make more sense for
    • X-Trans is still useful and it prevents moiré and false color, but it isn’t needed for the GFX because the GFX can resolve 99% of the details so there is no moiré or false color
  • COVID-19
    • The business downturn due to COVID-19 was fairly temporary and never got as bad as they expected
    • COVID-19 did shift consumer demand though because the demand for products under $1,000 went down while GFX and high-end camera demand went up quite a bit due to the pandemic which was the trend, but it accelerated
    • Fujifilm is focused on high-end now
    • People being home has increased the demand for better movie features
    • Fujifilm is confident they are pursuing the right strategy
  • 2021 and Beyond
    • Development is always very challenging and they have been discussing IBIS and making Fujifilm camera interfaces easier to use
    • Many are appreciating the advantages of large format now and more users than ever can get into large sensor cameras
    • Fujifilm biggest point of differentiation is its color reproduction thanks to film simulation
    • GFX100S should be very popular and easy to use
    • Fujifilm has a lot of GFX100S preorders and it is a good sign that photographers are responding well to large format
    • GFX opened the large format market to full-frame users
    • Fujifilm will continue to try to push the price point of GFX down since it is a barrier
    • It’s hard to match the price of full-frame completely because GFX is more demanding from an engineering perspective
    • The IBIS, Sensor, shutter, etc… cost more in the GFX than in full-frame cameras
    • GFX will probably always be a little more expensive than full frame
  • Yamamoto-san
    • Fujifilm’s camera division is a very important part of Fujifilm
    • Photography and imaging is a core part of Fujifilm’s business
    • Fujifilm products have been used to immortalize some of the most powerful moments in history
    • Fujifilm wants to make camera systems that inspire photographers to create images to tell and share a story
    • Fujifilm is not just a camera company they are an imaging company
    • Smartphone photographers understand the value of a photograph, but Fujifilm needs to expand their understanding
    • The X-S10 is a great camera for smartphone photographers to setup up to or even Instax
    • Instax cameras reached 10 million sales annually in 2018, which is a big group of Fujifilm fans that might step up to Fujifilm’s X-series of cameras
    • Fujifilm wants to reach everyone

Fujifilm GFX100S: B&H Photo / Amazon / Moment / Adorama
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Fujifilm X100V: B&H Photo / Amazon / Adorama

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