Fujifilm X-T4 Review – Down Right Exceptional!

Dan Watson released his X-T4 review and he seems to really love it and has to go out of his way to criticize the X-T4. I’m curious if the recent firmware update have addressed critics’ concerns related to video AF because the X-T4 just got a lot better. Below is a summary of the above video.

  • This is a professional camera officially
  • Was able to shoot with it for hours for a full day of wedding shooting
  • Doesn’t like the ergonomics
  • Typically like bigger bodies
  • X-T4 isn’t big enough even though it is bigger than the Sony a7
  • Love the dials
  • If you are a film shooter you would love this camera
  • It’s a beautiful camera
  • Built like a tank
  • Fully metal build with rubberized grip elsewhere
  • Aperture on the lens or back wheel
  • Joystick on the back is a little small
  • Buttons are hard to find and small to press
  • The flip screen is great for self-shooting and protesting the screen
  • While shooting on the beach it was very bright but the screen was still great
  • The bigger battery is helping a lot
  • Cheap move leaving the battery charger out of the box
  • APS-C vs Full Frame is where this camera is priced at
  • The images coming out of this camera are amazing
  • Highlight fall off is insane with this camera and I have never shot with a better camera for this
  • There is no disparity between light and dark
  • This camera won’t crush your blacks if you push the RAW
  • The simulation modes are very useful and look very good
  • The simulation profiles are great for someone that isn’t obsessed with editing
  • Full frame is still the winner at low light, but for everything else, X-T4 holds it’s own
  • New shutter is truly professional and it will last for 300,000
  • Quietest shutter they ever used almost as quite as other cameras operating electronically
  • Very fast shutter at 15fps mechanical, 20fps eshutter, 30fps crop eshutter
  • Could use a deeper buffer for high-speed shooting
  • The buffer does clear very quickly though so even when full in 2 seconds you can shoot quickly again
  • Autofocus is amazing, but Sony is still ahead
  • Fujifilm is only second to Sony for AF speed
  • Canon, Sony, Nikon can’t compete with the X-T4 for Video
  • 4k 60p, 10-bit log, DCI, etc, etc, etc… just about every video feature you could want… even 108o 240p
  • IBIS built-in and incredible
  • IBIS provides gimbal-like stabilization
  • X-T4 still chews through batteries for video, but the new battery is way better than before
  • Image quality is incredible with great highlight roll-off for video
  • Can shoot redundantly for video
  • The headphone jack is removed, but you can use a USB-C adapter or on the grip
  • 4k60p plays black very well than 4k30p from Sony because the higher bit rates make it easier for your computer to decode
  • Video AF is jumpy and not smooth like Canon or Sony
  • Hopefully, Fujifilm can fix Video AF with firmware updates
  • 30-minute recording limit for video is a bummer
  • Nothing better in the APS-C world than the X-T4, but the price is getting close to Full Frame
  • The only reason someone wouldn’t switch entirely to the X-T4 is if they want a bigger sensor
  • Nothing else comes close to Fujifilm X-T4 for video

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