DPRTV: Fujifilm X-T4 Production Camera Review: Best APS-C Sensor On The Market and Almost The Undisputed King of APS-C

DPRTV posted their Fujifilm X-T4 Review and it looks like the only thing Fujifilm could really improve is fully catching up to Sony’s AF system. Above you will find the review and below I have summarized their key points:

  • Some do not think the X-T4 is a worthy upgrade to the X-T3, but Chris and Jordan don’t agree
  • Robust AF system
  • New tracking interface is great
  • Decent hit rate with something coming right at the camera
  • Sony is still the king of AF
  • Sometimes if youre focused on a color the camera will jump to a similar color
  • X-T4 has very high end and usable AF, but not best in class Sony still wins that
  • Probably one of the nicest shutters Chris has ever used
  • Very stable platform
  • IBIS is great
  • 90mm lens could get down to 1/4 – 1/5 a second
  • Out does the Sony a6600 for IBIS
  • Great sensor with a fast scan rate
  • Why isn’t anyone else using the 26MP sensor it is the best for APS-C
  • Loves fully articulating screens this one is so much nicer than other Fujifilm screens
  • Jordan was a huge fan of X-T3 it gave his favorite image out of a APS-C camera without going to a dedicated high-end video camera
  • X-T4 fixes most of the X-T3’s issues for video
  • One battery will be enough for most with 2hrs of recording time give or take
  • Getting IBIS with this excellent sensor is a big win
  • Locked off it is fantastic, but if you’re panning it can get jerky and Fujifilm will likely fix this with a firmware update
  • As a video shooter, Jordon loves the new screen
  • The new dedicated video mode with its own settings is great
  • The new interface for video is Jordan’s favorite out there right now
  • It’s great to have 240p but you might have some issues with the quality
  • Log assist is great for retaining detail while giving you a 709 preview
  • X-T4 makes it obvious that they might bring out a flagship dedicated video camera
  • If you’re a photographer that shoots video the X-T4 is one of the best cameras on the market
  • If you just shoot video you might want to wait for Fujifilm to release a dedicated camera for video maybe the X-H2
  • Fujifilm fixed everything that DPRTV knocked the X-T3 for so for them it’s a fantastic upgrade
  • The Fujifilm X-T4 is almost the nicest APS-C camera on the market, but if it tracked like a Sony it would be the undisputed king of APS-C
  • Fujifilm X-T3 can be fantastic value if you do not like the new screen and don’t need IBIS especially if some of the updates to the X-T4 make it to the X-T3 in a future firmware update

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