B&H Photo: The Adventure of Photography With Dan Bailey

B&H Photo had Fujifilm X Photographer Dan Bailey give a 1h 42m talk about The Adventure of Photography which you can watch above or you can check out the bullet points below:

  • Adventure photography is about traveling light and going out into the unknown not knowing what will happen to Dan
  • Alaska in winter has 4hrs of magic hr
  • Used to shoot Nikon
  • Moved to Fujifilm to be light and fast so he could do more
  • Dan likes to get it right in camera because when you get behind on your editing you forget what the moment was like and that is what he is trying to capture
  • He considers it a shooting JPEG only mentality
  • In the past, most of what you captured there was no processing
  • Dan thinks most people that are into shooting RAW started with film
  • You might not need to sit there and slide sliders constantly
  • You are your own artist so you should do your thing
  • Some photographers travel with lots of assistants, but Dan likes to travel light with everything on him and his bike
  • The Fujifilm X-T is as small and light as his first camera
  • Dan’s first Fujifilm was the X10, but it wasn’t ready for brutal elements, but the X-T line was when he could move over
  • Seems most of the audience shoot mirrorless
  • Dan likes that you can really dial in your photos on a mirrorless camera to make it look exactly like what you saw in a challenging or tricky situation
  • Even if the dynamic range cant capture everything then you can make the decision of what exactly you want to capture with a mirrorless camera
  • Fujifilm started putting their film simulations out there early
  • Film simulations were something that engineers fought about
  • Dan picks film simulations like he used to pick film
  • Fujifilm embeds the film simulation you use into their RAW files, but most programs trash them
  • Dan prefers Capture One Pro 12 Fujifilm film simulations over Lightroom
  • If you want to process shoot RAW+JPEG
  • Dan seems to like Velvia a lot
  • Classic Chrome is basically Kodachrome
  • Dan’s current kit is 16mm, 35mm, 50mm, 90mm most of the time but he also like a lot of their other glass
  • Loves the Fujicrons
  • Reducing your decisions is a good idea
  • Maybe stick to one focal length and 3 in your bag
  • Thinks bleach bypass ETERNA looks like Classic Chrome ETERNA
  • ACROS requires more processing power than previous simulations
  • Grain is not the enemy
  • ISO 12,800 works well
  • Noise reduction in the Q menu can make things look a little plastic looking
  • ISO Low can look great without the plastic look
  • Dan goes minimal with accessories
  • XTrans looks like film because it is laid out like film
  • XTrans also helps to remove noise artifacts
  • You can crank up your shutter speed with the electronic shutter if you need to and don’t have an ND filter
  • You can only shoot the sun with a telephoto on the horizon otherwise you can damage your camera
  • Pulling color down and boosting shadows in classic chrome can be nice and you can save it to your custom settings
  • Dans favorite advanced filter mode is miniature mode
  • Miniature mode tricks your mind into thinking something is small because the only time you see shallow depth of field in real life is with things up close and it makes the colors a little more punchy
  • Miniature mode gives your photography a different feel
  • Some might think they are too serious to use modes like Miniature mode, but photography is supposed to be fun so just enjoy yourself
  • Dan isn’t a fan of HDR he likes suggesting things with shadows and muted colors
  • You’re not able to respond quickly enough reliably to just grab a photo in motion at the right moment
  • Dan likes to use preshot ES when shooting moving subjects
  • Preshot ES starts buffering images when you half-press and then dumps the photos from before and after to the SD card
  • Dan like to tone his black and white images on the X-T3 or X-T30 to be warmer or cooler
  • The zebra settings are great for nailing exposure
  • You get great results when you do what you love
  • Don’t concern yourself with others opinions unless you are looking for them
  • If you like what’s coming out of your camera you are right
  • If you buy as a physical copy of Dan Bailey’s book he will send you a digital copy free if you contact him about it

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