Fujifilm X-T2 vs X-T1

image courtesy of Pockt-Lint

Pocket-lint has a very well organized comparison between the Fujifilm X-T2 and X-T1. The initial information dump for announcement day has slowed and now we are seeing a lot of sites comparing specs and debating about whether to upgrade from the Fujifilm X-T1 or not. When I purchased my Fujfilm X-Pro 2, I planned to sell my X-T1 after doing a few comparisons, but I could never bring myself to sell it because the X-T1 is surprisingly competitive. I think the same is true of the X-T2 vs X-T1.  Their close release dates were not nearly as far apart as the dates between the Fujfilm X-Pro2 and X-Pro 1, so upgrading probably wont be as competing as the X-Pro upgrade path.

Via Pocket-lint

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  • Jeff

    As much as I’d like to get my hands on the X-T2, it is way too expansive in Canada (2k!). No way I’m paying that for an APS-C camera. One of the reasons I sticked with APS-C instead of the Sony FF was price. But now I could get a Sony A7ii for only 100$ more.

    So either I stick with my X-T1 for 3 years and maybe get a used X-T2 when the X-T3 gets out or, just maybe, I’ll see what the X-T20 looks like and get that instead.
    The X-TX series is now clearly targeting pros and the X-TXX series at the rest of us.