Fringer EF-FX Pro Smart Adapter Update

Fringer’s EF-FX Pro PDAF AF adapter is pretty snappy on the Fujifilm X-T2 with the Canon EF 70-300mm f/4-5.6L IS USM. I don’t currently own any Canon glass, but this adapter for X-mount is looking particularly good with Fringer going out of it’s way to make difficult to adapt glass compatible with Fujifilm PDAF cameras. According to Fringer Dev:

EF70-300L has special design that prevents smart adapters properly handle its AF. Now Fringer EF-FX Pro smart adapter has overcome the problem. Meanwhile, all pdaf focus points’ support is a must for high performance AF on X mount. That’s also shown in the demo video.

I though EF lenses are all the same and planned for optimizing EF70-300L’s AF on X mount in just one day. Finally I spend almost a week to solve the problem. This lens is equipped with a nonlinear AF motor which is definitely a nightmare for smart adapter developers. Its feature curve is like this:(see site)

Unlike smart adapters for GFX mount, e.g. my Contax645-GFX adapter and EF-GFX adapter from other manufacturers, smart adapters for X mount must support PDAF which is essential for high performance AF. That needs to calculate precisely on how to move AF motors which is very difficult when adapting EF70-300L. Now we made it!

Sounds like fringer is getting very close to release, which is great for fringer fans.

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  • Onno’sMovingPictureParadise

    I would like to order one , looks very good indeed, hope the price is not going to be too steep ???!!!

    • Shouldn’t be more than a couple hundred. They have to be competitive.

      • Onno’sMovingPictureParadise

        my limit would be $ 299

  • Sebastien

    We have seen many demos last year, but we don’t have any idea if the product will be released someday, and what could be the price. But for sure, this is really interesting.

    On another topic… I think you have ordered the JCC macro tubes kit, right? Did you receive it and id you have a chance to test it? Still unsure between this or a cheap vintage macro lense.

    • Fringer ships, but quantities are usually limited.

      I received my JCC macro tubes kit, but haven’t had time to shoot with them yet. The site has kept me busy and a bad bug over the past few weeks. They seem to be well built and a good option of you don’t want to buy a lens.