Amateur Photographer Fujifilm GFX Interview

Theo Georghiades, General Manager Electronic Imaging Fujifilm UK, is interviewed by Amateur Photographer about the new Fujifilm GFX. At the end of the interview he makes it sound like Fujifilm might have experimented with larger X-trans sensors like the one in the GFX, “When we have done tests at larger sensor sizes, actually, the benefits are less and less.” Maybe we will see a future X-trans GFX like the X100, which started with a normal bayar sensor.

Via Amateur Photographer

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  • Geoff Neuer

    “…the benefits are less and less.”

    I assume “benefits are” could be replaced with “value is”. Which I can understand if there is CPU hurdles to overcome, but somebody out there would appreciate that value today. But how many somebodies that is, is another story. Still, I would still like to see someone do a 8×10 in lab only, just to say it has been done once.