DPReview: CP+ 2017 Fujifilm Interview

image courtesy of DPReview

DPReview sat down with Fujifilm executives, Toshihisa Iida, (general manager of Fujifilm’s Optical Device and Electronic Imaging Products Division), Makoto Oishi, (manager of Fujifilm’s Sales and Marketing Group, Optical Device and Electronic Imaging Products division), and Shinichiro Udono, (Senior Manager for the Sales and Marketing Group of the Optical Device and Electronic Imaging Division) at CP+. The interview covers Fujifilm’s new range of cameras and Cine lenses. Below are some bullet points from their interview.

  • GFX Lenses are designed for phase detection
  • GFX life cycle should be longer than APS-C
  • Requests for 70-200/200-300 and ultra wide on GFX
  • Mirrorless should surpass traditional during the next generation of cameras
  • E/X-mount MK lenses will be optically similar
  • X100F improved for one handed operation
  • X100F didn’t change 23mm lens to keep size down
  • X-Trans will remain in APS-C cameras
  • GFX unlikely to go X-Trans because of 20-30% increase in processing requirement
  • Still talking about a possible GFX Rangefinder style camera

I really hope we see a Fujifilm GFX100 in the future. It would be great for them to design an ultra compact medium format camera for street shooting with a 35mm f/2 or f/4 lens. Priced around $3000-4000 it would be a great value camera like the X100 series.

Fujifilm GFX 50S B&H Photo / Amazon / Adorama
Fujifilm X100F B&H Photo / Amazon / Adorama

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  • Wally Kilburg

    A GFX100 just made my wallet stiff.

    • I would love to have one.

      • HD10

        Likewise but I am awaiting what Nikon will be releasing so will be waiting a bit to see what happens by July. I did not think I would be interested in the GFX 50S but after an hour of testing it a month ago, I have a much more positive view of it.

        As Fuji will not be releasing anytime soon the lenses I would like to use it with and since the 1st-gen GFX 50S AF is still slow, I am thinking of initially using the GFX as a digital back for my F-mount lens library.

  • NotPartisan

    Louis, can you confirm if the GFX 50S has an electronic first curtain shutter option? My Pentax 645z does not, which means I see slight image blur from the shutter movement in the critical shutter speed range of about 1/4 through 1/60.

    • Right off Fujifilm’s page… So yes… Electronic Front Curtain Shutter

      Electronic Front Curtain Shutter*4
      4sec. – 1/4000sec (P mode), 60 min. – 1/4000 sec. (All modes)

      • NotPartisan

        Cool, I missed that, thanks.