No Plans For Fujifilm Full Frame Reaffirmed

Camera Jabber interviewed Fujifilm at Photokina and they once again reaffirmed that they have no plans to develop a full frame system. Fujifilm’s stated reason for not wanting to develop a full frame system at this time is that “bringing out a full-frame system would be telling its users that APS-C isn’t good enough, and the company just doesn’t believe that.” You can read the rest of the interview at Camera Jabber.

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  • faberryman

    So, if bringing out a full frame camera would be telling your APS-C customers that APS-C is not good enough, what does bringing out a so-called medium format camera tell them?

    • That medium format has superior image quality.

    • Thylmuc

      well, I’d say it tells people if they want a dicernible jump in image quality over APS C, more than 35 mm is required. Which makes sense

  • Alda Smite

    makes 100% sense. so far Fuji has made excellent job.

  • jmey

    I think the jump from aps-c to full frame isn’t a big enough image difference but aps-c to medium is. Plus the full frame market is pretty full with canon nikon sony and others all there. If the price point is right you may see alot of people jump to medium format.