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Join FujiAddict as We Welcome The Fujifilm GFX to Our Family

Join us at Midnight Eastern Standard Time as Fujifilm introduces a new format to the family of the GFX, along with the Fujifilm X100F and X-T20. We will be live blogging continuously for 24-72 hours after the announcements, depending on how much news there is to share, with lots of facts and analysis and zero click bait. Of […]

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The Fujifilm GFX HM Adapter and New X100 Conversion Lenses

Mount adapter HM ADAPTER G 9 interchangeable lenses for “GX645AF” “SUPER EBC FUJINON HC LENS” total 9 teleconverters can be used Focusing is limited to manual focus It is possible to change the aperture with the command dial of the body or to take pictures with “lens shutter” built in the lens It has electrical […]

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Fujifilm Nissin Air 1 Commander and Flash Review

I’m still flash shopping for my Fujifilm cameras and while I am really attracted to the idea of getting a Fujifilm Nissin Air 1 Commander with Di700A and i60A, it’s highly likely the new Fujifilm EX-F500 flash will fully support the GFX first. I recently contacted Nissin about HSS support and they do intend to add […]

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Post Launch Fujifilm GFX Lens Line-up Prices Revealed

Shortly after receiving the update for my previous post our source sent me the price list for the post launch Fujifilm GFX 50S lens line-up. Fujinon GF 23mm f4 R LM WR (Mid 2017) $2,599 Fujinon GF 45mm f2.8 R WR (Late 2017) $1,699 Fujinon GF 110mm f2 R LM (Mid 2017) $2799 So now we have […]

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Fujifilm GFX Size Comparison… Kind of… Not Really…

A reader asked me about some “comparison” photos that I want to address. Photosku released some “comparison” photos of the Fujifilm GFX 50s, Hasselblad X1D-50c, and Pentax 645Z that have been passed around as a “comparisons”, but if you read the translation… “Since “GFX 50S” has not yet been published full specifications, I compared only the appearance.” […]

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Fujifilm’s GS645S and GS645 Compared

Lots of photographers are pulling out old Fujifilm medium format cameras with the announcement of the Fujifilm GFX. Fujifilm’s rangefinder medium format cameras are a great value right now if you come across them. I hope the GFX and cameras like it lead to a medium format renaissance in photography. Many photographers are overly attached to […]

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