PP: Fujifilm X100VI Review – A Very Special Experience

The Fujifilm X100 line of cameras has always been a very special line of cameras that no one else has matched. They give you a Leica-like shooting experience without having to manually focus the camera. Now that young photographers have taken notice they have become impossible to find and for good reason as Chris and Jordan cover. You can watch their video review above or check out the bullet points below:

  • The lens doesn’t have an issue being sharp and resolving the full 40MP the camera can capture
  • Jordan doesn’t like 35mm lenses
  • It is nice having a built-in ND to shoot longer exposures
  • Jordan used the 50mm adapter he dislikes 35mm so much
  • OVF hybrid largely corrects for parallax and shows lots of details in addition to having tracking AF in the optical viewfinder
  • The OVF tracking acquires a little slow and it can be hard to tell if it is tracking what you want plus it doesn’t show eye AF
  • If you use the EVF you get proper exposure preview and all the autofocus capabilities you would expect
  • This is the nices X100 for AF
  • Some photographers might prefer to use zone focusing on the X100, but it tends to drift if you bump the camera’s controls
  • Great detail at f/2 with some improvement at f/2.8, but it doesn’t improve much at f/4
  • You can shoot at f/2 all day and get quality sharp photos
  • Reala ACE is nice to have
  • IBIS gives you 6 stops with the EVF and 5.5 stops with the OVF
  • Jordan did a lot of one-handed street shots and IBIS is very stable
  • You can shoot down to 1/4th of a second without an issue
  • Similar to bokeh to the X100V with a little bit of soap bubble effect and onion rings, but when you stop down the cats eyes completely go away
  • Nice Bokeh overall with great focus transitions
  • 50mm teleconverter is really nice but a bit bulky
  • The Bokeh holds up well with the 50mm adapter
  • The IBIS lets you shoot the X100VI in ways that you couldn’t shoot previous cameras like the X100V
  • The X100VI is super lightweight and it is easy to get grab shots with
  • The EVF is so much better than the OVF now
  • The X100VI can do 6.2k video with 10-bit 4:2:2
  • The full sensor is used when recording up to 4k 30p which was used to shoot the majority of the episode
  • The recording is subsampled so it won’t be as good in low light, but there is minimal rolling shutter at about 15ms
  • You can deplete the battery without the camera overheating
  • If you shoot higher than 4k there is a 1.14x crop which gives you about a 39mm focal length
  • If you shoot at over 4k 30p at faster frame rates the camera will overheat after about 19minutes
  • The 6.2k and 4k HQ will give you a little more detail but will crop at 1.23x or about 43mm focal length but it will overheat and the rolling shutter is worse at about 30ms
  • If you want to record audio and monitor yourself then you will have to have two dongles a 2.5 to 3.5 adapter for the mic and a usb-c to 3.5 adapter for headphones
  • IBIS works well with video except when panning it can stick a little
  • Video autofocus is quite good
  • Tap to track is very intuitive
  • F-log2 is an improvement over F-log in the X100V
  • The X100VI is a great option for grabbing quick videos while traveling
  • X100V might be a better option if you are looking for oversampled 4k recording, but the other benefits of the X100VI are worth the trade-off
  • The camera is a great package
  • Unfortunately, this camera is almost impossible to find.

Fujifilm X100VI Silver and Black:
B&H Photo / Amazon (Silver : Black) / Moment / Adorama

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