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RoboSHOOT Creator Serene Automation Announcement

Serene Automation made an announcement about temporarily suspending operations, for the time being, a few days ago via their website and social media. The announcement comes as a surprise since it’s primary function as an interpreter is still unmatched by its competitors, but some confusion involving the less expensive Cactus could be to blame. I have […]

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RoboSHOOTplus version 2.1 Released!

RoboSHOOTplus version 2.1 Released! We are pleased announce version 2.1 of RoboSHOOTplus. It is available NOW for MX-20 and MX-15 upgrades! This version adds Studio Strobe and additional flash support, High performance with CH/CL manual mode, In-Camera Control improvements, and more. Also, by virtue of expanded Nikon speedlight compatibility, this release enables Nikon support even on the lower cost ‘X-15 units. As a […]

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RoboSHOOTplus Released With Full TTL/HSS Support For Fujifilm GFX/X-T2/X-T1/X-Pro2/X-Pro1

The new RoboSHOOTplus has been released and is available now. This product update transforms the capabilities of RoboSHOOT to take advantage of the new Fujifilm X500 flash system and extends it even further. The key features of RoboSHOOTplus are provided on supported Nikon and EF-X500 compatible speedlights with the GFX, X-Pro2, X-Pro1, X-T2, or X-T1. Of course, other cameras and flashes will enjoy […]

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RoboSHOOT remote TTL trigger for Fuji X Bundle Discounted

The MX-20/RX-20 combo is normally $379.99, but B&H Photo and Amazon currently have it priced at $339.95 so don’t miss out if you’re looking for a good wireless HSS + TTL trigger kit. You can read more about the combo here. B&H Photo RoboSHOOT MX-20/RX-20 bundle RoboSHOOT MX-15/RX-20 bundle RoboSHOOT MX-15/RX-15 bundle RoboShoot RX-20 RoboShoot RX-15 Amazon RoboSHOOT MX-20/RX-20 bundle […]

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RoboSHOOT remote TTL trigger for Fuji X Camera’s Are Now Available

RoboSHOOT remote TTL triggers are now available in the United States for Fuji X cameras. According to Serene Automation, the makers of RoboSHOOT, their flagship remote trigger allows for off camera TTL with Nikon, Nissin, and Fuji flashes, which is a first for remote triggers. Further, Imagine Resource reports there are “third-party reports of the setup working with the Nikon variants of […]

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