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Kipon Officially Announce GFX Helicoid Adapters and FUJIKINA2017 Sponsorship Details

Almost a month ago Fujiaddict reported Kipon’s Helicoid adapters for sale on Adorama, but today Kipon officially announced them along with their sponsorship of FUJIKINA2017, where all of their adapters will be on display. It’s also interesting that Prophoto is sponsoring, maybe we will get an announcement from them. MAMIYA645-GFX Macro with helicoid PENTAX645-GFX Macro with […]

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Fringer Firmware 2.1 Adds Contax 55/3.5 and 210/4 Support

Fringer expanded the compatibility of their AF adapter to support Contax 55/3.5 and 210/4, with Contax 45-90 and 350/4 to be added in the future. You can download the update here if you already have an adapter or you can buy an adapter here. The reason for the addition of more lenses according to Fringer […]

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Kipon Electronic Aperture Adapter For Canon EOS For Fujifilm GFX And More

The Kipon Electronic Aperture Adapter for Canon EOS for Fujifilm GFX is now available from Adorama. Kipon also released a Hasselblad adapter with Macro Helicoid feature and Pentax 645 adapter with Macro Helicoid feature.  

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Kipon Announces Fujifilm GFX Adapters

Press Release: As a expert  in camera adapter market, KIPON released first lot 20 models adapters for FUJI new medium format mirrorless camera GFX-50s, the estimated shipping date would be from March 18,2017. KIPON L/M-GFX KIPON L/R-GFX KIPON EF-GFX KIPON NIKON G-GFX KIPON EXAKTA-GFX KIPON OM-GFX KIPON MD-GFX KIPON VISO-GFX KIPON C/Y-GFX KIPON M42-GFX KIPON ROLLEI-GFX […]

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IBERIT Lenses Coming in December

Shanghai, Nov 29,2016. Handevision will begin shipping its new IBERIT series of full frame lenses of 24mm/35mm/50mm/75mm focal lengths with constant aperture f2.4 from the beginning of Dec. This collection are designed for SONY E mount, Leica SL mount, Fuji X mount, also Leica M rangefinder version. The 90mm/f2.4 lens will ship in January 2017. […]

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