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Getting Creative With Photography 2

image courtesy of The Fujifilm Blog Roger Payne is back with an inexpensive window light box solution that could be very useful. His bathtub product photography method was very popular among readers of this blog and others, which inspired him to publish this follow up, how to create an inexpensive light box for getting professional results. Roger manages to capture some very […]

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Fujifilm X70 and X-E2S Firmware Updates

X70 Firmware 1.10 1. Support for the wide conversion lens, WCL-X70. WIDE CONVERSION LENS in SHOOTING MENU and assigned to Function Buttons will be available. Download Here X-E2S Firmware 1.01 The phenomenon will be fixed that the EVF doesn’t work on rare occasions right after Power On. Download Here

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Apple Digital Camera RAW 6.19

Digital Camera RAW Compatibility Update 6.19 This update adds RAW image compatibility for the following cameras to OS X El Capitan: • Fujifilm X-E2S • Fujifilm X70 We are still waiting on support for the X-Pro 2 from apple. For more information on supported RAW formats, see

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The Nissin i60a is Now Available For Preorder

The Nissin i60a is now available for preorder on B&H Photo and Adorama. We covered its announcement previously and there was debate about whether the wireless capabilities would work on Fuji bodies. It seems from the B&H preorder page that Fuji models will have full Nissin Air 2.4Ghz support. Now I am curious to see how well high speed flash sync […]

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Fuji Looks Forward

The future of the X series looks bright and Fuji is speaking very frankly about the direction they are taking in their latest interview with DSLR magazine. Fuji is definitely feeling the pressure to release the XT-2 in some markets, but in their home market of Asia there is more pressure for them to update […]

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Fuji film X-E2S and X70 are now shipping in the US, currently in stock: UPDATED 2/5/15

The new Fujifilm X-E2S and X70 mirrorless camera are now in stock and shipping:

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