Fuji film X-E2S and X70 are now shipping in the US, currently in stock: UPDATED 2/5/15

The new Fujifilm X-E2S and X70 mirrorless camera are now in stock and shipping:

B&H Photo
FujiFilm X70 (Black)
FujiFilm X70 (Silver)

Fujifilm X-E2S Mirrorless Digital Camera (Body Only, Black)
Fujifilm X-E2S Mirrorless Digital Camera (Body Only, Silver)
Fujifilm X-E2S Mirrorless Digital Camera with 18-55mm Lens (Black)
Fujifilm X-E2S Mirrorless Digital Camera with 18-55mm Lens (Silver)

FujiFilm X70 Black
FujiFilm X70 Silver

FujiFilm X-E2S Black Body Only
FujiFilm X-E2S Silver Body Only
FujiFilm X-E2S Black Body with 18-55 Lens
FujiFilm X-E2S Silver Body with 18-55 Lens

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  • Jo Jundt

    Any idea what will be the real differences between the X-E2s and the X-E2 with firmware 4.0 (to be released on Feb, 4th)? There’s a slight change in the grip design, I know that. Some buttons get another icon or no icon (macro mode will be automatically now, well done!)
    But for the AF it’s like 2EV more sensitivity and I’m not quite sure if they can do that with just a firmware update?

    • Fuji does wonders with firmware, but I’d guess if it’s more than firmware it’s probably hand me downs from the X-T1. There could be some hidden potential because intentionally handicapping a camera isn’t unheard of or there could have been some major improvements in their focusing algorithm that just weren’t implemented yet. The announcement might be a way to announce a price cut or to better segment their market. We just can’t be sure until the cameras are widely avalible or the rumor sites reveal something. My opinion at this point is that it’s a firmware update and repositioning of the 16MP sensor to make room for additional models in the future.

      • Jo Jundt

        In other words: You don’t know, but there’s still some hope? :)))

        • Maybe if you rephrase your question I can give you a better answer. I’m not sure what you are hoping for. Eg Fuji worked wonders with the X100 and no hardware revision and that was after the X100S was launched with a new sensor. It’s part of why many love Fuji.

          • Jo Jundt

            Louis, let’s talk a bit less about “wonders” and more on “facts”. My question was pretty clear: What are the differences, if I have a X-E2 with the firmware 4.0 (what I do since 1 hour 🙂 ) and an X-E2s on the other side? Is there any reason one should buy an X-E2s instead of getting “the old” X-E2 and do the update? When I bought mine at the end of last year, it still had firmware 1.00 although 3.10 was already available end of october.

            It’s a bit odd to release a new model name which is basically “only” a firmware update, a bit of different iconed buttons and a slighty deeper grip. But why not? The X-E2 is a nice thing to use and for a sensor update I could get a X-Pro2 as well.

            Don’t get me wrong, this firmware updates bringing so much more than only bug-fixes is amazing. I’m just wondering how they could get a higher sensitivity (0.5 EV instead of 2.5 EV before) on the same hardware?