Billy Luong and Maarten Heilbron: Fujifilm X-T40, X-H2, X-E4, X-S10, X-T5, GFX100 Pixel Shift, and Firmware Updates

Maarten Heilbron had Billy Luong of the FujiGuys on his live stream the other day with poor quality audio. Below you can see a summary of the live stream.

  • Fujifilm X-T40
    • Not sure where development of the camera would be
    • Fujifilm X-S is more of a sibling to the X-T4
    • X-T30 is the successor to the X-T3 because they were photo-centric
    • Will have to wait and see where the X-T lineup goes
  • Fujifilm X-H2 and X-T5
    • Should see an X-H2 and X-T5
    • Fujifilm always develops new products for customers
    • Customers love the dials and style of Fujifilm cameras
  • Fujifilm X-E4
    • Can’t talk about up and coming products that will or will not happen
    • Billy really likes the X-E3 design because it is lightweight and compact
    • Any opportunity to make things smaller while maintaining image quality is good
    • Some pick the X-T30 over the X-E3 for a tilt screen
  • PSAM Dial
    • Many film cameras in the past were controlled with apertures and a shutter dial
    • The X-S10 was developed for customers that have never used the Fujifilm brand before
    • Many do not understand full manual controls
    • The Fujifilm X-S was developed for photographers that find Fujifilm’s layout confusing
    • There are C1 to C4 so users can program more customizable presets
    • People love or like Fujifilm’s controls which is why it will always be part of X DNA
  • Auto Mode
    • Fujifilm developed a very advanced auto mode that even picks the right simulation
    • Fujifilm auto mode was already very advanced and could tell what the scene is and if there is motion in the scene
    • If the camera recognizes the sky it will boost the color chrome blue effect
    • Auto mode even allows for RAW capture now
    • The camera has an in-camera RAW converter too so you can make your own straight out of camera simulations
  • X-T3 Firmware update
    • Coming the end of October, so October 28th
    • Brings the AF up to the X-T4/X-S10 level
    • Fujifilm’s app will tell you when there is a firmware update for your camera
  • The Status of The Industry
    • Fujifilm is trying to keep up with high levels of demand
    • People are getting out and doing more landscape and macro photography
    • There are a lot more wide-angle lenses and macro lenses/macro tubes being sold today
    • Demand is overwhelming right now for some of their products
    • Fujifilm is surprised there is so much demands for the XF50mm f/1
    • The camera market is in decline but Fujifilm has held its own
    • Fujifilm got away from point and shoot cameras a long time ago
    • Apple’s latest phone is focused on photos and video and it is a camera you have with you all the time so it is still a competitor
    • Maintaining a high standard has helped Fujiflm remain relevant
    • You need to capture at a high level of quality to ensure your photos will still be usable in 50-100 years
  • Maarten Heilbron requesting firmware update
    • Would like the menu to have an option to return to where it was instead of the start
    • Billy responds there is the customizable menu
    • Fujifilm is very busy right now so it takes time to add features
    • Toshi Iida changing his position is also taking time to get used to
    • It would be nice if grayed out option would let you turn them on with a warning telling you what had to be switched to allow you to use the grayed out menu
    • Billy sends all concerns along to the development team and they take time to fix
    • Billy brought up how the camera can switch primary card slots and get stuck on the 2nd slot as the primary
  • Fujifilm X-H2?
    • Still early to talk about you will have to wait and see
    • Photographers loved the X-H1 because of the grip and the shutter button, which is adjustable
    • The X-H1 was unique, but Billy thinks it was launched at the wrong time (X-T3 came out with a new sensor shortly after launch)
    • X-H1 is still great for a lot of things even though it has older technology in it now
    • Billy hopes they continue development on the X-H line
    • Some users find the X-H1 to be more ergonomic which is important
  • GFX
    • GFX Pixel Shift still in development
    • No time frame for availability, but it is coming for GFX100
    • GF80mm f/1.7 is still coming and Fujifilm gets that GFX photographers want faster lenses

Fujifilm X-S10: B&H Photo / Amazon / Moment / Adorama
Fujinon XF10-24mmF4 R OIS WR:
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