Profoto A1 Coming to Fujifilm in 2018

Profotousa and global have confirmed that the Profoto A1 is coming to Fujifilm cameras in 2018, but interestingly their statement are a little less definitive and frequent than their statements about Sony support coming in 2018. There also seems to be some sort of firmware issue preventing the automatic use of the Profoto A1 designed for other companies from being used with the Profoto Air TTL-F unit so hold off on your purchases if you want to be sure that you are getting everything you are paying for out of this expensive flash unit that retails for $995.

It seems Profoto put some time into making the A1 units interchangeable on Nikon/Canon, but not other cameras using air remotes from their statements on facebook, which is interesting. I presumed support would be officially announced with the A1 since Profoto announced Fujifilm support, but this was a step backward in messaging in my option. Profoto should be clear about their new products from the start instead of leaving their fans in the dark. They even could have put Fujifilm/Sony/Olympus support coming 2018/2019 and photographers would have been happy.

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  • TinusVerdino

    Peter is an immoral dickface

  • Marcel van Leeuwen

    What is not clear? Canon/Nikon/Sony/etc all use different flash protocols. But just like Cactus profoto makes up its own TTL version so any flash can be used OFF camera. On a camera the protocol has to be the same as the camera otherwise it will not work, except for manual with just one contactpoint which says “go”. Simpel

    • Obviously I’m aware of that, but read all their comments. Profoto seems to have put in the work so their air remote can be use interchangeably between Nikon/Canon and if you read 43/Sony Addict they did they same for Olympus and Sony, but with Fuji they very clearly say the flash can be used manually with the Air Remote.

      They have put out a lot of mixed information to non Canon/Nikon shooters. The flash should work fully with the air remote on all camera system. They also should have announced it with all the support coming in the future so it didn’t have to be pieced together.

  • Mustafa Yapıcı

    a 1000 usd hotshoe flash… Thanx.

  • Mato

    What I don’t understand is why Profoto can’t just bring the Fuji version at the same time as the Canon / Nikon versions. Why Canon / Nikon always have to be the first, and Sony, Olympus and Fuji follow with a long delay. Now, of course, I understand that the installed base for C/N is much wider and the ensuing priorities in terms of development, but I find it hard to believe that it takes so many months (and years in the case of the Air-TTL triggers) to get the engineering done to accommodate the flash protocols of the other manufacturers. Are licensing issues somehow involved? It’s almost as Profoto were paid by Canon and Nikon to delay everybody else’s versions. I would have sold my Nikon system completely by now, in favour of the Fuji GFX, if it were not for the Air TTL adapter which I use with the B1/B2 strobes quite regularly.

    • Canon/Nikon probably send a whole team of engineers over that companies like Profoto are used to working with. I’m not sure companies like Fujifilm/Sony/Olympus/etc… dedicate the same level of resources to dialing in support for HSS etc…