Early GODOX X1T-F Impressions

David M Ward, a member of our Fujifilm GFX Owners Group, gained early access to the GODOX X1T-F and was kind enough to share the above photo along with his impressions below. You can see his work at dmwfotos.com

“Here is a rundown of my findings while testing the following Fujifilm variant Godox speedlites and X1Tf controller. All the speedlites; TT350f; TT685f; and V860IIf were controllable as shoe mount speedlites from the Fujifilm GFX flash menu. Configuration changes can be made either from the flash menu or the camera menu. All support HSS, SCS, and Multi-flash as TTL speedlites.When the

When the speedlite is changed to controller mode the only functions that can be changed via the camera menu are HSS, SCS and Multi-flash. Changing the flash function from TTL to M in the camera menu effectively turns the flash off. i.e. it does not fire itself or remote units when the camera flash menu M mode is selected. When the Camera flash mode is TTL then the controller mode functions control Master and remote groups. Setting the flash to Multi-mode does change the flash to multi for the groups. The groups are either on or off. Flashes and times per second (Hz) can be set via menu 2 on the speedlites or via the camera menu.In summary, the three

In summary, the three speedlites each function as expected as either camera mounted speedlites or as an X system controller and speedlite in its own group M.

The X1Tf does not interact with the camera flash menu. Its a stand alone controller for the X system that interfaces the X system with Fujifilm cameras for Manual, TTL and Multi-flash functionality. Which mode is selected is determined by the X1Tf. Multi-flash is selected on the X1Tf via the Fn menu. The camera flash menu is used to set the number of flash and frequency (Hz).

To this point in the testing I have found only one anomaly. Changing the FEC for any group on the X1Tf also changes the FEC on the camera. This has a deleterious affect since the two FEC settings are additive. It is further confusing because if Group A is set to +1 FEC and then one moves on the Group B, the in-camera FEC jumps to the FEC set for group B when its selected on the X1Tf. I am confident that this is a firmware glitch that will be quickly corrected.

I have been using CL200X units as the remotes for testing. I have updated the firmware in the CL600 and CL360II units and will do some testing with them to confirm that they are controllable as well.

I have more testing planned and will confirm that the XT-2 works the same way with the speedlites and X1Tf as the GFX. Since the XT-2 is listed as a supported camera I expect it to function in the same way.

The AF assist light operates as expected in the speedlites and the X1Tf. There is an AF (LED) line in the camera menu for turning on the AF function So far I haven’t given it a practical test.”

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