Fujifilm X-T2 6 Foot Drop, X-T2/X-Pro2 Firmware Reviews and New Firmware Website

Fabian Pourmand dropped his Fujifilm X-T2 6 feet! The drop only damaged to his screen protector and battery door. I use the Phantom Glass screen protector on my X-T2 and it works perfectly, but this should be a warning for those that like to shoot strapless. I have saved more than a few of my cameras from spills by grabbing the strap of a falling camera, but I have also fallen face first on a M camera and that was heart breaking. Be careful people.

Fujifilm takes their big firmware updates seriously and Firmware update 2.0 for the Fujifilm X-T2 and update 3.0 for the X-Pro2 have been very well received. In fact Fujifilm updates are so serious that they now own Fujifilmfirmware.com just so you can get your firmware faster. When you buy a Fujifilm camera on day one you get to look forward to that new camera feeling 2-3x throughout your ownership experience, which no other manufacture can match.

Dan Bailey Photo – My 10 Favorite Features in The New X-T2 Firmware Update

Anthony Thurston – Initial Impressions on Fujifilm’s X-Pro2 Version 3.0 Firmware Update

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Fujifilm X-Pro2: B&H Photo / Amazon / Adorama


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  • Eloise

    It’s been my experience that dropping anything electronic is always a matter of luck… there are so many variables that it’s good fortune it doesn’t break and bad luck when it does. It’s about the angle of impact, the surface it falls on, any bounce, do many different aspects.

  • zcommando

    I hate straps they always seem to be in the way. I have found 2 peak design options i like. First is the leash thing. Like it 70% of the time. But still flops in front of lens or viewfinder some times. Second is called grip?? Small strap from top to bottow on right. I really like this as it anchors camera to hand. I am a long armed monkey so can keep hand in it to shoot portrait. I feel this has saved me from many a drop. As a side note i am never in fear of hurting camera when i drop have drpped one. Its the lenses i worry about. Dropped my 5dm3 with an 85L once. I managed to kick my foot and sort of break its fall. My soul felt crushed as i was sure my lens was done for. It was fine but i was wreaked for hours. After that i looked for options.

    • I tripped over a piece or rebarb anchored in the ground (stuck up about 2 inches and was hidden in the grass) and landed on my M and Summilux. The Summilux took the brunt of the fall and thankfully Leica’s warranty covered the repair, but a strap wouldn’t have saved me in that instance….