DxO OpticsPro 9 Free Till February 28th, 2017

DXO is offering an older version of there DXO OpticsPro9 software for free until February 28th, 2017. It only supports older Fujifilm cameras and will likely never be updated, but it’s worth getting a copy if you own other cameras or wish to learn OpticsPro.


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  • Spy Black

    I actually bought V. 10 Elite when it was on sale last year for $99. I wanted to use the PRIME noise reduction engine with my high ISO images. PRIME turned out to be a bust, it made planar areas (such as skies) blotchy and clumpy. It was essentially $100 tossed. I remember also trying Capture One’s NR engine, and it also created blotchy, clumpy planar areas. So far only Lightroom has been able to reduce noise without adding any artifacts.

    Bear in mind that this freebie is not the Elite version of the program.