Fujifilm Instax Share SP-2 Coming Monday

sp2-fuj-inst copy
We received an anonymous tip with the following about the new instax share SP-2

“All new design, 10 second prints vs 16 from the original. Faster WiFi, higher 320 DPI prints. Overall a much better product.”

I am looking forward to purchasing one.

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  • zakuII

    i’ll purchase one if it uses the bigger instax wide format.

    • nwcs

      Yeah I know what you mean. But the consumable cost is so high. I still think the Canon Selphy is a better overall value but obviously not as portable.

  • James Donahue

    Off the subject But How does one set up the X-pro 2 for macro shooting

    • nwcs

      There is no setup. Just put on a macro lens and focus.

      • James Donahue

        Thank you very much.

  • Stuart Kinkade

    I understand the Instax SP-2 does not work with the XPro-2, strange that Fuji would make this move. Suppose the Oct’16 XPro-2 Firmware update addresses this non-compatibility issue? Thoughts?

    • I haven’t seen any issues, but it’s possible that a firmware update will be required. The Instax SP-2 printer is marketed as a smart phone printer, so the app might have been the priority.