Fujifilm Aperture/Focal Length/Price Laid Out


John on the DPReview forms made this useful bubble chart of APS-C prime lenses that he gave us permission to use here. You can see pretty clearly how well Fujifilm compares across the market on the chart. While they have some overlap, Fujifilm tends to offer more attractive apertures at an equivalent price/focal length to its competitors. This chart becomes even more compelling if you take into consideration how deeply Fujifilm discounts their lenses during their annual sales. Sony is starting to catch up, but they haven’t matched the X system yet, especially when their sale comes around.

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  • dclivejazz

    This chart is missing a lot of lens makers, from Nikon and Canon, who probably would look pretty bad on it, and the major third party markers, who could be interesting.

    • I think John decided to only include mirrorless cameras that are competitors… Maybe he will respond…