Fujifilm X-Pro 2 ACROS Video

I wanted to see how much Fuji improved it’s video so I shot a few videos last night of some local performers at an open mic night with the X-Pro 2 set to full auto. I haven’t made any adjustments to these videos and they were shot using ACROS with varying grain. The only major issue I ran into was a 15 min recording limit that preventing me from recoding some of the jam sessions. I’ll more fully report on my experience in the review later this month.

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  • dodude

    I have noticed on my X-T1 if i use the camera I can take 15 minute videos, but with the remote app on my phone it allows me to take 30 minute videos.

    • mine work for 30 min turning off the lcd screen. did i just hit the sweet spot on the firmware?

    • According to the manual the limit on 1080p is 14 min. It stops just south of 15 min for me when recording. 720p goes to 28 min.

      • dodude

        I am not talking about the manual, I experienced that in real life. same quality settings.

  • Kever

    Very nice looking videos. Thank you. The only obvious problem I see is the focus hunting. I wonder if this could be addressed with an firmware update?

    • I’d also like it to focus more smoothly when it does change focus, but I don’t think they will work on the issue. It’s pretty clear Fuji sees video as an afterthought. The one thing that bothered me was an inability to see the hunting on the lcd.

      • Kever

        This camera is far, far better than the X-Pro1 and X-T1 for video and offers evidence that Fuji is beginning to take video seriously. It really is tantalizingly close to being both a fantastic photo machine and a respectable video machine. I realize that many Fuji users care little about video, but hey, as long a the photos are great, why not? Again, thanks for your attention to this.

  • James Donahue

    Did anyone like the sound?