Fujifilm X-Pro 2 PROVIA Video

Continuing with yesterdays theme here are some standard PROVIA videos to check out. I also forgot to add that the internal microphone was used while recording on the X-Pro 2 and everything was set to automatic/stock so I made no attempt to adjust levels. I haven’t made any adjustments to these videos either and they were shot using PROVIA with no grain. I’ll more fully report on my experience in the review later this month.

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  • mikeswitz

    I don’t know about the video, but you might think about trying different clubs.

    • All of the videos including the ACROS videos were shot in a single night and it’s a bar not a club. I provide a lot of raw photos and footage so readers/viewers can get an idea of where the starting point is for equipment. The videos that I include in the full review later will likely be fully manual since the camera hunts too much, but it did a good job of maintaining exposure etc… These are the kinds of things I hope you get from the video I am providing. The music/setting is just a plus.

      • mikeswitz

        I think you misunderstood. I was talking about the performances. My ears still hurt. Except for the Hunting the video looked pretty good.

        • lol… ok… well I try not to be too judgmental of people that have the guts to perform live. I am just happy people still make the effort. When I was younger there were amazing live shows every night at every bar/club for miles around. Now they can barely fill an open mic night at the local microbrew pub.