Where’s The Fuji X-T2?


On the eve of the X-Pro 2 launch I have been receiving a lot of questions about the X-T2 that are worth addressing. To begin with, I do not think Fuji will announce the release date of this camera until X-Pro 2 sales start to slow. It seems pretty clear that Fuji is doing additional differentiation this generation that they did not do last generation. This might make some Fuji fans upset, but last generation we saw a mass exodus of users from the X-Pro 1 to the X-E1 when it was announced due to its increased performance. Fuji might be trying to avoid this with their second generation sensor technology. The X-Processor Pro engine will likely be reserved for the X-Pro 2 and X-T2 if this is the case.

I’m inclined to believe Fuji’s only valid excuse for excluding 4k from the X-Pro 2 will be if the X-T2 has slightly reduced image quality due to the sensor having increased phase detection points and being balanced for photos/video. It’s the only reason to exclude the feature from their flagship camera for photography. The X-T line is definitely more of a dual-purpose camera that is known for having an amazing EVF that I hope is upgraded along side the sensor so that it feels more like the massive Leica SL EVF. Fuji is known for having world class viewfinder technology, and the X-T2 should represent the state of the art in viewfinder technology.

I know many people have a preference, myself included, but in my opinion Fuji should have launched the X-Pro 2 and X-T2 side by side. It would have satisfied the masses and prevented disappointment, if my predictions are correct.If they end up being basically the same cameras with different bodies/viewfinders, as an X-Pro 2 owner, I will be very upset if the cameras are identical and 4k is not added to the X-Pro 2 at a later date.

Further, if Fuji waits too long to launch the X-T2, and their camera technology improves so much that the X-Pro 2 now feels like a less capable camera (like what happened last generation), people will end up purchasing a camera that isn’t quite right for them just to gain access to the new and improved functionality. I like my X-T1, but I loved my X-Pro 1.

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  • Jeff

    Hi Louis,

    I would have disagreed with you if the improvements were only some “technological” ones. But Fuji improves important “photography” features, like better low light focus.
    In my opinion, the X-Pro line is purely targeting photographers that care much more about image quality and camera handling rather than technogical advances like 4K. The X-Pro is not for techies.
    But as I said, Fuji improves features that are important for any photographer so I mostly agree with you. The X-Pro and X-T lines should be in sync with pretty much any photography-related feature.
    Should they have released them both at the same time? I’m not sure. But I understand your point. Although, anyone buying an X-Pro2 should (must) know what they are getting…or rather what they are not getting.

    • mikeswitz

      I have both the X-Pro1 and the X-T1 and I still like the former better. I know I’m in a minority. I don’t really know why, but it feels to me, when I’m shooting with the X-Pro I’m using a camera, when I’m using the X-T I’m shooting with a computer. Of course, long lenses are better on the X-T, but over-all I even like the files a bit better from the original. Just my opinion.

  • Aleksei Isachenko

    I earn for living with photography. And to work in any conditions is more comfortable with camera which has T1 shape. I think, that Pro-line is faced to photo enthusiasts and photographers, who use small primes, and T-line is for professionals. So, for me it is obvious to wait until T2 release and even if it have the same characteristics as Pro2 has, I will buy it. Indiana I can imagine a photographer with T1 or T2 with battery grip and 100-400 lens, but can’t with Pro2 and 50-140 🙂

  • binotto

    I was discussing 4K with a Fuji rep. when I was testing a prototype X-Pro2, and he confirmed that the sensor and processor are designed to shoot 4K, but that they have heat dissipation issues with the form factor of the X-Pro2. They can only shoot short bursts in 4K at present before it overheats and shuts down. He also said that the majority of photographers giving input on the camera preferred not to make it into a video rig.

    • nwcs

      Reps are the absolute last to know anything. Their track record of reliability is near 0. They get their info from the rumor sites and speculation same as us.

      • dclivejazz

        That’s not my experience with a Fuji rep. He was very knowledgable and candid about their products.

        • nwcs

          I’m going by track record. I’ve seen many, many instances of people saying “Fuji rep told me xyz” on the other fuji rumor place and even the webmaster (who is no stranger to letting dubious rumors pass) says they’re unreliable.

          • binotto

            OK. Sorry.

          • binotto

            OK. Sorry.

          • Fuji has never been big on artificial differentiation. E.g. They could have easily let the X-E2 lag behind the X-E2s, but they didn’t.

          • binotto

            Interesting. Thanks.

    • Johnny P.

      Sony a6300 is a smaller camera and it shoots 4k, so it can’t be the form factor.

      • binotto

        I don’t think you can compare the two cameras. While the a6300 and the X-Pro2 both use Sony’s new copper wire APS-C sensors, the a6300’s sensor has a Bayer filter array, and the X-Trans 6×6 array requires much more processing power to demosaic.

  • nwcs

    Now that the XPro2 is out, I really hope there is a fire sale on the 4 year old XPro1s out there that are still new in box. I’d pick one up for $99, even $199.

  • Sebastien

    Can’t wait for the X-T2. Looking forward to replace my D7000

    • Spy Black

      I want my MTV…

  • Spy Black

    Stick a higher res, faster refresh rate, brighter output EVF and I’ll seriously consider an X-T2. I don’t know why people rave about the EVF on the X-T1. Sure, it has some really nice tricks, but it looks like shìt.

  • J.R.

    X-E1 takes better pictures than the X-pro1. But people think otherwise…. just because it was a flagship… this is called delusion…