The End of Fujifilm FP-100C


Today Fujifilm announced they are ending production of FP-100C film. If you have any desire to stock up on this film it is still available at Amazon, B&H Photo and Adorama. Maybe when supplies are sufficiently exhausted and expired a company like the IMPOSSIBLE Project will start producing some.

If you would like to check out some work done with FP-100C check out 500px. Some of the photos have a great look to them, but keep in mind some will be NSFW due to their instant print nature.

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  • Tsais

    That film might become more valuable than Gold after a few EMP blasts from the Globalists…

    • If I had a camera that used this I would buy thousands, because of what happened to me with my SX-70. I couldn’t find film for years and now it’s so expensive that I’ll probably never use it again.

      • Joe U.

        I have 10 packs and ordered another 100 the day of the announcement before the price went up. Backordered though, so we’ll see if it gets cancelled, but if not then I’ll have 1100 photos which should last me a while.

  • sperdynamite

    Died for me when they killed 3000B. Color died with Type 669. RIP creative choice.

  • a-traveler

    Slowly Fuji is getting out of the Pro Instax business. First they killed 4×5, then 3000B in the pack film line, 4×5 FujiQuickload/Kodak Readyloads are long gone.

  • Abiatha Swelter

    I sold my 405’s after they killed the b&w product, figuring this day was coming and I’d better unload while I could get money for them.

  • Stan Dibben

    I’m so disappointed.
    Gotta sell my Polaroid 190. But I really hope someone else will start the production.